40 interesting facts about tigers (4 photos)

Tigers - magnificent creatures, now, unfortunately, endangered. We offer you a selection of interesting facts about these animals.

1. Unlike domestic cats, tigers have round rather than slit-like, the pupils. This is due to the fact that the nature of domestic cats are animals, nocturnal, and tigers - "sumerechniki": they hunt at dawn and at sunset.

2. Despite the fact that not too tigers eye adapted to the darkness of night vision at six times better than humans.

3. Most tigers have yellow eyes, but white tigers - blue eyes, due to the fact that the eye color and hair tigers meets the same gene.

4. Tigers mark territory by urinating on trees, and their urine has a pronounced smell of an oily popcorn.

5. From the smell of urine of another tiger tiger can get a lot of information: age, gender, reproductive function.

6. Male tigers have a large area of ​​habitat than females, so they can find each other in a common area for mating. In this area the adult female has never crossed the territory of other females and males never meet each other.

7. Usually, tigers do not growl at other animals, but can experience the roar to communicate with other tigers from afar. If Tiger is going to attack, he was not growling and snorting and hissing.

8. When, after hunting for a victim claiming several tigers, males and females skip forward cubs, unlike lions, which do the opposite. The male tiger will not get into an argument over food, and just wait for your turn.

9. Voices Tigers as unique as human fingerprints.

10. Tiger Stripes on the forehead resemble the Chinese character for "king."

11. Just as in domestic cats, stripes on the tiger wool "duplicated" on his skin, so even shaved Tiger will still be striped.

12. Unlike most other cats, tigers love water and are excellent swimmers, able to hunt during the swim several kilometers and cross the river. Often Tigers swimming and playing in the water just for fun.

13. Tigers - the largest of the cat, but the size of the subspecies they are very different. The largest subspecies, the Siberian tiger, grows up to 3, 5 m long and has a weight of 300 kg, and the smallest, the Sumatran tiger, only up to 2 m and 100 kg.

14. Tigress able to conceive offspring only 4-5 days a year. During this period, they try to mate the largest possible number of times. Pregnancy lasts for 3 months, in one litter usually 2-3 tiger cub.

15. The first week of life cubs are blind. About half of them do not survive to adulthood.

16. The penis of the male is still quite sluggish during erection, so it does have a bone (called baculum), and it is covered with spiny teeth that support the connection during copulation.

17. Tigers prefer to attack the victim of an ambush. If the object of hunting tiger noticed, the probability that a tiger will attack quite small, since he lost. In some parts of India, people entering the forest, on his head wearing a mask in the shape of the face, to prevent the attack.

18. Normally, the Tigers do not consider people as victims, but, feeling threatened, the tiger will attack. In most cases, the attacks of tigers in the absence of other people provoked by mining in the territory habitat.

19. A small number of tigers tasted human flesh, becoming cannibals. One tiger, protection once their cubs from people then start to attack only on them. As long as it was not possible to kill, she ate about 430 people.


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