Monastery for the Tigers

Tiger Temple is located in 2-3 hours drive from Bangkok near the town of Kanchanaburi.
In the morning feed, bathe and play with tigers, and tigers sleep in the afternoon or relaxing and they lead tourists to sfotkatsya, and even some tigers playing in the pool.
Feed tiger boiled chicken and cat food. It's like an adult man feeding onions and cilantro! This is to say, that they were not familiar with the smell of blood and fresh meat that you see are not eaten by one of the monks!

Said earlier it was interesting, because Tigers go free, and the monastery was more concerned about tigers, and now the monastery is more concerned about tourists, because it is money!

There is information that the monastery was established to take care of abandoned, injured and maimed animals at the beginning of the monks brought 2 small cubs, after a while they became 17, and a couple of years, all 85 tiger! It is that - 85 tigers fell from the sky? Or running around in the forest?

In fact, I think this is an ordinary commercial project where these precious cats are used as circus animals, and if there were good intentions once, then right now it has turned into a tourist attraction! According to some reports they are tigers are not well treated, their haggling with neighboring Laos and even say that drugged that they were complaisant! Tigers in chains and kept in small cages. If someone is taking care of tigers, so it's the volunteers from different countries, they do all the dirty work, and the monks only valyazhno stroll in the monastery showing off their tattoos!

The whole ride is as follows: you are standing in a long queue, and then you have the handle on the back fed to the tigers, and they themselves have fotkayut your camera down, ie, I was traveling so much and he can not even take a picture of cats! Any explanations that I do not need to take a picture on the background of tigers are not working. Either you fotkayut with tigers, or even comes close! I had to agree, now I have a lot of pictures with the tigers! :) Well, and I had to take pictures of them from afar! In Shanghai, I was at the zoo, where the Tigers run freely on a large fenced area, and people come to him in private buses, on safari, so much better for the animals, and they are in good shape as nature.

At the monastery there are other animals - buffaloes, deer and birds and so on., Still we were lucky on the way to the monastery stood in the same place where the person was leopardenysh, with whom I played half an hour! Neither the incomparable feeling :) ecstatic! He's like a normal kitten, only bigger and with a strong grip!


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