"Tiger Temple" and their friendship with the monks ...

It turns out that a person is able to find common ground, even with dangerous predators such as tigers. And the friendship of the Buddhist monks from Wat Pa Luangta Bua Yannasampanno that in Thailand, with the Tigers - the best illustration to this statement. The monks believe that tigers like anyone else in need of humane attitude. And in response to the kindness of the monks grateful animals do not only allow themselves to be stroked and scratched behind the ear. It is believed that the presence of tiger helps to quickly attain enlightenment! Program "Tiger Temple" and "Return to the Temple of the Tigers' talk about how Buddhist monks gave shelter to several cubs that are the fault of poachers left without a mother. Since then, the church has settled 17 predators.

Monks animals fed cooked meat, why the Tigers are not aggressive, and even arranged for meditation. The head of the monastery Abbot Arkern Puzit believes that in a past life, these animals were monks. He cares about his players and I am sure that the inhabitants of the monastery to help the Tigers to better understand the world and find nirvana. Besides Arkern Puzit tries to make a contribution to the conservation of populations of these amazing animals. Therefore offspring that will soon be in the temple, the monks are planning to release into the wild.

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