Someone flies to Turkey, someone on the Canary Islands, and some do not even have foreign passport, so for us cottage, river and forest vacation destination. All the rest is dependent on the deployment of popular destinations in the North-Caucasus is KMV, a resort area of ​​the Black Sea coast and of course the main Caucasian ridge. There is a great desire to tell about the beautiful mountain town with the cleanest air and water on Arhyz.

Arhiz - Caucasian region untouched nature and ancient monuments. To see the Caucasus, in all its pristine beauty, enjoy the untouched nature, rest in peace from the bustle of the city, take a horse riding, rafting, it is necessary to visit Arhyz - high valley, located in the upper reaches of Big Zelenchuk near the Main Caucasus Range. Located in the intermountain basin, Arhiz is protected from strong winds, is famous for its mild climate, lots of lakes, magnificent fir and pine forests, fills it with aroma of pine needles. The sun pine seem bronze and give the village a special touch. Straight, smooth trunks raise caps lush pines on a 30-meter height. On the opposite slope grow mainly fir. There are areas of fir with seven hundred years of age, reaching 70 meters in height and having a half to two meters in diameter. Fir extinguish or weaken the destructive power of avalanches and landslides, rockfalls and landslides are of great soil and water protection and regulation of water resources. Is a natural monument and beech forest Arkhyz.

Mountainous area Arkhyz covers the upper part of the valley of the river Big Zelenchuk and its tributaries, the former village Arhiz and modern astrophysicists guarded village - Lower Arkhyz, which because of its location in the woods more often for the sake of brevity referred to Bukovo.

In a mile from Akademgorodok is one of the most famous relics of Karachay-Cherkessia - Rock icon of Christ (more on that later). This phenomenon is on the steep left bank of the Big Zelenchuk. To get there, pilgrims walk on the wooden flooring unreliable 150 meters up, bending down to the ground, clinging to the trunks stretched between the wire and sticking TK ground tree roots. Savior looks to the East, to the millennial Christian churches, standing on the ruins of the ancient capital of the state - the city of the Meuse. At one time there was a crossroads of major trade routes. In VIII-XII centuries there took place one of the branches of the Silk Road. On the vast territory remains of houses, farm buildings, fortifications, closes the city from the east and west, and built in the mountains watchtowers.

Founded in 1923, the village Arhiz situated at an altitude of 1450 meters above sea level and is located near the confluence of the rivers Arhiz (main tributary Dukka) and Psysh (main tributary of Sofia), which is considered the beginning of the Big Zelenchuk (main tributary of the river near the village Kizgich) - the main waterway Arkhyz valley.

According to one hypothesis, which appeared in the 50s of the 20th century, it comes from the Karachai word "Kiz ariu" - beautiful girl. This derivation impressed many, but not true. In the old days on the river card was called Irkyzom.). There are several picturesque valleys converge into one. Plenty of room and sun! On the slopes of mixed forests. Oak forests near the pine forest, open fields, decorated with birch trees.

In the history of the Russian state Arhiz and its ancient capital of the Meuse are the link between Byzantium and Russia. It is here that the early Byzantine churches in Russia. In one complex located Byzantine church dating back to 9-10 centuries. rock paintings of Jesus Christ and the ancient observatory. This unique structure 9-10 centuries. impresses with its grandeur contemporaries still.

The first tourist routes in ARKHYZ laid before the revolution members of the Caucasus mountain Shchurovsky society (1905 - passes Marukh, Chigordali, Phiya) and Krasil'nikov (1911 - the same pass Marukh). Pioneers Arkhyz highlands in Soviet times became Muscovites, led by the famous astronomer BA Vorontsov-Veniaminov. They passed through the pass Nauru, opened passes Bear Chuchhur, Magana and Glacier, named after the name of the head of the group, a great scientist.

Arhiz known for beautiful mountain healing climate. The climate is temperate continental. He tonic effect on the human body. In different parts of the district, due to the large territory of ruggedness, the climate is different. At the bottom of the northern part of it is warmer and softer in the high - severe. The most favorable climatically place - Arkhyz Basin and the adjacent broad valleys. The basin is protected on all sides by high ridges, so there are special conditions, characterized by low clouds, plenty of sunshine, dry air, lack of strong winds.

Arhiz is a place where in the months of flowering allergenic grass, people feel well and breathe the intoxicating crystal clear mountain air. Healing mountain air, thermal springs, a large number of sunny days and other factors put balneological Arhiz on a par with the best mountain climatic resort in Switzerland and Italy.

Sobstno in Arhiz many people come for various reasons, or who are fun EXTREM rest, but personally, I often look for mushrooms.

The photo russula.

The first thing udivliyaet is expensive, yes yes roads in Russia can be assured of quality but not the euro is quite decent, without pits and rather flat

Another way

The only defect of the road is a piece of shit, sheep and shepherds on horseback pass through it every morning and evening

Until the entry is not mediocre in Arhiz on the way there are 6 or 7 beams (mountain streams).

In general, the entire road is a serpentine, winds and bends everywhere

But this does not prevent not heavy-carrying timber, not lihocham local drive on it as on the autobahn

But since, once again, our goal mushrooms, the more we have to go on just such byways

Good, suitable stretch of road is only 30-40 km ARKHYZ. Right on the road is always the mountains closer the more left Zelenchuk mountain river. Km. 5 to Arkhyz Zelenchuk blocked by a fence, apparently so close access to the site vertoltnuyu Gorbachev, now in ruins.

Since I started on sections, and probably will continue, so Mushrooms

I will not perecheslyat what mushrooms are found here, except to say we can take reference mushroom pickers and safely say that 70-80% grow here exactly, well, or live at all a moot point, because mushrooms are not plants not animals like them first to the class of Chaos absented Linnaeus something.

It also russula

The most valuable mushrooms, they have a lot of names, here are accepted: aspen, boletus ... pretty rare popodalis boletus (very fact with vodka) and very rarely Dubovik. The photo boletus

And then suddenly !!! The owner of the fungus

Sales Leader, ie fees, it is ubiquitous mushrooms, they are here, and wood and meadow, yellow, white, actually a bunch of them

Sometimes come across very funny mushrooms, such as the so-called raincoat, conventionally considered edible (yet young) but it would get round

But when he grows up begins spray-million dispute

And he

There are also mushrooms

Depending on favorable conditions (rain, season autumn) one a basket we are not limited, usually take with folding boxes, the entire trunk + bucket inside the dial per day is not a problem to know the current place

And of course my favorite mushroom

Did so, you tell it poisonous, it nizya take many by the way, that is insulting, stupid met mushroom kicking his legs, then I pereterplyu, but the elk is a pity, it's his favorite rakomstvo

Personally, I have them carefully harvested, dried, and do tincture of alcohol, the whole process of preparation will not spread, because remember conditionally mushroom edible mushroom, you can only use the red mushroom, pogankovidny panterovidny and deadly poison.

In an Internet full of recipes its use, such as how they are treated and swollen, places nye incidentally tincture of his identity and sell honey and jam, but I like it myself. Use it only in homeopathic purposes, a few drops of tincture in the morning and not a power is not needed. Even the Vikings ate mushroom before the fight and became bersekerami. Feels like I say that Yaga resting burst of energy is quite significant, of course all the small doses. Eat for galyunov not see the point, not a fan.

No white spots it is easily confused with russula (although it is more pink) and will cater to you in mushroom soup

Well, if you still dare to try this fungus, it will come to you goblin

Well I'm at so distracted by the actual mushrooms I have everything. The Council did not take canned mushrooms from local, at the opening half will wormy half old. Or instead of the promise of oil, will be harsh mushrooms.


It is in these places, the river begins its journey - Large Zelenchuk (karach.-bulk. Ulla Indzhik, kabard.-Cherkov. Indzhydzhyshhue, Abaz. Yyndzhyg-Doo) - a river in the North Caucasus, a left tributary of the Kuban.

The length of the river - 158 km, the basin area - 2730 sq km. Flows through the Karachay-Cherkessia, Stavropol and Krasnodar edges. Originates origins - Psysh (Pshish the mountain, 3790 m), and Kizgych Arhiz from the northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus mountain range. In the upper village located Arhiz

In the high origins of the river but it was not possible to visit near Arkhyz can meet such additional streams. Always recruit of them bottled water and sipping it without harm

Thousands of them

The river empties into the large Zelenchuk Kuban River in my hometown Nevinnomyssk. In fact, all comes down to the road journey upstream, so to speak to the roots.

The water is very clean by the way, you can drink straight from the river except that after the rains is not recommended at any time of the year is very cold

That's how the local implementing Jacuzzi for adoption after the bathhouse

And yes, some enterprising gentlemen still Patented this title and sell mountain drinking water, you may be faced with it in the stores.

But so Zelenchuk looks when it comes to our city (photo not mine)


They can look but you can walk on them

Mountains, passes, glaciers are very much still the main Caucasian ridge. For most of the local expression of tourists went to the mountains means to come to the village, barbecue, eat hychynov, get drunk, and sleep off sleep.

But there are those who make weekly trips transitions in the mountains, passes, hydrogen and high altitudes

In winter, skiers come here, there is a ski lodge, but I have not seen her for skiing is not mine, in fact, it is no longer relevant for a couple of passes can be reached at Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi, well, there is this good enough

Still quite often you can find local tiveness shepherds, they are very druzhelibny apparently accustomed that they fall to tourists from

You can find the legacy of the USSR. This column stands just opposite the former helipad here often flew Gorbachev, yet there is no picture, and the site is actually too

There apparently lives goblin

And it lost Bear

Gonrny, rarefied air is very favorable to idleness

And the horses too.

And when lie down on softwood bedding can see relic horsetails, they neskoka thousand.

This frame may seem very ordinary, but if you look closely we see on the left leaves needles (conifers) and on the right obyknoveknnye

The secret is simple, it is not a mutation

The settlement look like. It is the center, currently there are mail with an Internet network and all three opsosov

All along the way you can meet local labels, this interested me as similar to my nickname. Translated kind of welcome.

If you want to spend a few days here recommend recreation nakim with the same name as the settlements. 2010 g of beds = 300 p.

From here there is a local entertainment rafting, Conning and jeeping

I recommend the local market to buy with a mountain tea, very tasty and healthy, I'm not special but of the 15 components saw it rododedron, St. John's wort, coltsfoot, willow tea, tyschalistnik, raspberries (leaves) and other traditional herbs.

By the way except for the ubiquitous nuts, mushrooms, knitted socks, etc. For sale is a jam with spruce shyshki say Legha useful for, well, I as an avid kurilshik acquired quite edible, but the feeling eaten Pinocchio and fir scent will accompany all day. Food with them can not take it, you can easily get drunk hychynom (sort of big cheburek) even though the meat and cheese, and of other local but fatty foods, Lagman, etc.

The cultural program of walks in the mountains is not limited. You can visit the Astrophysical Observatory of which have already written JUS.

Or Lower Arkhyz historical, architectural and archaeological complex. The photo menhir

Just two kilometers from Bukowo is Archaeological Museum. This ancient site - the ruins of the city of Magas. Scientists suggest that here was the capital and the center of the ancient Patriarchate of Alanya.

Hillfort extends to four and a half kilometers, clearly there are three streets, a number of lanes, the remnants of the stone walls, the ruins of temples, houses, farm buildings, burial grounds, and even pre-Christian sanctuary. In the center of the settlement found the building of the five rooms. The first of these was a blacksmith. Inside was a horn, is the first such deal, known in the territory of the medieval Alanya. Bird's-eye view in Nizhny Arkhyz offers a perfect circle, its inner diameter - 88 m, width of walls - up to 2 meters. Of hewn stones in the correct range of complex octahedron. Studies led to the conclusion that all this construction - the astronomical object, the solar calendar, a kind of observatory XI-XII centuries.

On the territory of the settlement survived three medieval Christian churches: the Northern, Middle and Southern. Alania adopted Christianity under the influence of the king of Abkhazia (he was an ally of Byzantium in the Northwest Caucasus). Alan final initiation to the Christian religion took place in the first quarter of the X c., But its penetration to the Alans started much earlier. Written sources mention this more in the second half of VII century. When "true religous" governor Alan Gregory in Alanya churches began to be erected in the Byzantine style. In Karachai folk calendar (name of months and days of the week) preserved the names of Christian saints: St. Mary, St. Andrew, St. Theodore, St. Basil, St. Nicholas, St. George St. Elias, St. Apostles. Alan-Christian heritage preserved in folklore, ritual and religious life of Karachai. Respect to their ancestors due to the preservation of the Karachai Alan-Christian monuments of architecture and after embracing Islam. (Beech nedoezzhaya is 7 km to the Arkhyz) North Temple

The first temple Lower Arkhyz settlement was magnificent and monumental North Temple - the largest Christian church in Alanya. It was the cathedral of the Diocese of Alan, the center of its spiritual and cultural life in the X-XIII centuries. AD. By its architectural composition, it is a cross in the center of which is a dome. Semicircular apse of the cathedral, which houses the altar, heading east. This corresponds to the ancient canons, according to which the Christian church was commanded to build "... like a ship, oblong arranged, facing the east, from both countries to the east of the arches have».

The architect who built this cathedral as a starting module construction of its architectural forms took the side of the dome of the square. The length of the temple without the vestibule (21 meters) and its height is twice its width. The balanced architectural forms Cathedral suggests that it was built by a highly skilled architect Byzantine school. From the north, south and west temple has a large open arches inside the inputs, and crowned his drum with tent dome. The walls consist of two shells composed of well-hewn blocks of local sandstone with rubble concrete filling between them.

During excavations inside the cathedral, in the narthex, archaeologist VA Kuznetsov found baptistery made of flat, stone slabs. This font was happening one of the main Christian sacraments - baptism, communion to the heart of the Christian Church.



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