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Today's topic is inspired by my reading of this section "Photo-journeys." I'll talk about one of the most interesting places I have ever visited. This Son-Kul Lake in the center of Kyrgyzstan.

Link to Google maps.

By the way speaking, I myself live in this country since childhood, and still never ceases to amaze the beauty of nature with us. It's probably the best thing in a country known worldwide for its revolutions and looting.

There is a lot of photos and descriptions to them. Please do not break.

Kyrgyzstan - a mountainous country. Mountains occupy a large part of its territory. Our journey we started with the city of Bishkek, whose height is 750 meters above sea level. For comparison, Moscow is located at an altitude of about 200 meters, and the Son-Kul at an altitude of over 3,000 meters. Imagine what height, 2 more than a kilometer higher than Bishkek and nearly 3 than Moscow.

This height difference, of course, some people are not very well tolerated in terms of health. I pass on the bleeding nose, headache. On the lake itself has already passed acclimatization. Afraid of this, of course, do not

The distance from Bishkek to Son-Kul, do not remember exactly, well, more than 250 kilometers. 300. There are two main ways of entrance to the lake - if you go to the west of Bishkek, in Bishkek-Osh highway, and if you go to the east - on the route Bishkek-Naryn. We chose the second, as did not go on the SUV, but on this machine (the track in this direction allowed).

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Use a GPS-navigator. Conducted almost all the way, the road was surprisingly traced almost completely. The route is as follows - the movement to the east, in the direction of Lake Issyk-Kul in Boom gorge. Then, before entering the Balykchy (Fishing), the road goes right towards the town of Naryn. Navigator Balykchy led through truth, but the road gets long, so turned. 42.470831, 75 ... & amp; num = 1 & amp; t = m & amp; z = 12

The road is for a very good asphalt road, both in principle and before that, through the gorge. Along the way, you can stop and collect firewood. We have done so because the fried potatoes and shpigachki at the stake. Attention! On the lake there is not a tree, and, of course, wood ... We have it in mind!

On the way we pass the Orto-Tokoy reservoir. Also quite beautiful (its blue water). But as we went to the last day of summer, it was drained. And generally speaking, it is very beautiful. Do not believe me, take a look here. Here is my photo. Yeah ... it is not clear that ... Link to Google maps.

Ortho-Tokoy reservoir (another angle)

Next, the path led through the village of Kochkor. Large enough compared to those villages that we will pass later. There's a gas station to Gazprom's. I advise you to refuel, since then I think not. Or are doubtful ... In the village, people are, in principle, speak Russian. As in all of Kyrgyzstan, almost. So far, so of course, worse than talking. Yet they say.

Along the way we met the repair track. And in some places the road was very bad, very good. In connection with repair. On the nth kilometer turn right. I apologize that I do not remember the numbers. We turned on the index, "Son-Kul." Here: q = 41.933699, 75 ... & amp; num = 1 & amp; t = h & amp; z = 14

It begins road, as in the photo. But, in principle, it allows you to travel 70-80 kilometers per hour. Lake, in fact, is 90 kilometers by road.

Immediately lost cellular communication ... So, now the most important thing, actually:

a trip to the Son-Kul - a journey for those who want to completely break away from civilization, return to the past, how people lived when there was no electricity connection and a TV. Neither one nor the other, nor the third, on Son Kul not! And probably never will.

Before that, I read the topics in the "Photo-journeys", but in almost all the places were at least some signs of civilization. There will not be. In a certain place, by the way, the link appears briefly ... We stopped on the mountain ... call home.

Going further, the connection is lost in general ... Begins pass consisting of a heap mountain serpentines. Permanent lifting up. If you're lucky, on this mountain pass in the summer, you can meet the four seasons. But we are not so lucky. Although the snow was lying near.



Coming to the lake. Shortly before approaching observe the sky in the direction slightly changes color. It becomes more blue. Probably because of the water.

another photo from the same series

So ... come ... By the way, there are two options, where you can stop. Either in Yurt Camp CBT (CBS-ti), where there are more benefits of civilization, or in the family shepherd. Their yurts are found along the way. We stopped on the second version. Almost by accident, as they were for the first time and did not know anything. Shepherd asked about 350 rubles per day per person with meals. In principle, it is not even expensive. In the town of CBT also prices of small - about 500 rubles.

A characteristic feature of these places - Asian hospitality, which, incidentally, is almost forgotten in cities

Not having to drive, to have invited to the table, fed-watered. Nothing is not required.

As one person with whom we crossed at this point - Brazilian, "we were treated not as customers, but as guests».

The photo - a yurt camp.

But we do not live in the yurt village, and the shepherd. Drew hospitality. Single yurt.

Actually, home decoration Kyrgyz


ceiling with a hole for sunlight. Local - Tyundyuk.

View from the window ... or rather the door

We decided to drive a little in some places the road is not pleased.

Pure water

Do not beautiful?


In the evening we return to the place of lodging. Please note which color shades on photos ... No Photoshop.

The main occupation of the Shepherds - livestock rearing. Grazing, by the way, it is very, very little to do.





Cute dog

Here you can ride horses. Immediately and can teach those who can not!


Two features of these places, because of which should go here.

1. Here you can hear absolute silence ... a silence I never heard, even in the quiet location. Already ears uncomfortable.
2. damn beautiful starry sky, studded with millions of stars. In the photo, unfortunately, it did not work properly capture. One thing I can say - this is nowhere to see the highlands after all.

Dinner with the hosts at the same table. Very tasty, all natural products by 100 percent. In the photo - the hostess.

Another characteristic feature - in this area you can practice not Russian, not Kyrgyz and English (!!!). The bulk of the guests of these places - the foreigners from different countries. With us spent the night in a yurt Japanese (Ooty what mug)


Dinner was held in the English-Russian-Kyrgyz language. All spoke a mixed language, as best they could.

At night, the cold, by the way. Water freezes even in the summer. Another point - pitch black ... Going to the toilet at night (he was 20 meters away), I could hardly find the way back. Absolutely nothing can be seen. Still would. Bedrooms - almost on the ground, the nomads do not have beds. At night the cold, I had to wear a hat and go back to sleep. Prevent sleep dogs that bark all night (stripped wolves) and close to the horses grazing in the yurt, which continually chewed grass.

And yes ... forgot ... we swam ... Although water temperature is above 11 there is no ... go into the water, as much as his legs driving.

In general, a specific holiday or just a taste ... many days here, of course, can not stay, but a couple - can be. Take a break from work, from the bustle of the city, from the phone calls, the internet, TV ... Infinite bustle ... On Son-Kul time has stopped ...

P.S. a pair of photons from the back roads ...


On the way back we stopped at the southern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul. Actually all. I am waiting for comments to its first theme. Thank you all!



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