Upon learning this, I completely changed my attitude to day-dream!

Most of us are accustomed to sleep at night, and all day to take on your worries. Society has formed the opinion that if a person likes to take a NAP during the day, then he's either lazy or a fool, in whose life there is nothing interesting. But physiologists have come to the conclusion that we must sleep not once but at least twice a day.

Edition "Website" will tell you what is so useful NAPs and how much you need to give it time. Your body will be very happy.

Day sanochemia around the world have conducted many experiments exploring the human dream, and came to an interesting conclusion. Most beneficial to the health and operational status mode — this is a two hour sleep in the middle of the day and a short four hour night sleep. It is clear that with our hectic life it is hard to allocate 2 hours a day. Therefore, the best option is 6-8 hours a night and from 15 minutes to 1 hour daily.

Practiced in some countries to allocate in the middle of a working day for 20 minutes in order for the workers to take a NAP. This technique is great increased productivity, because NAPs are very beneficial to the body.

  1. NAPs can improve your mood for the day. It can dramatically increase the body's amount of serotonin, which is responsible for the feeling of happiness. This will allow you to feel relaxed and confident.

  2. Proven that Napping increases your ability to manage incoming information. If you have a very busy day before making important decisions it is better to take a little NAP. So you will be able to better analyze the situation.

  3. The effect of a forty-minute NAP can be compared with the use of 200 mg of caffeine. Sleep will not only help to cheer up, but also to maximize vigilance.

  4. It is known that Leonardo da Vinci was able several times to take a NAP during the day and to minimize sleep at night. It can be concluded that this way of life dramatically increases creative potential. This may be due to the exacerbation of feelings that comes from a well-rested person.

  5. It is proved that a good rest helps the aggravation of memory. After sleeping during the working day, you will better remember important information.
  6. If you let your body to NAP a little during the day, it will increase the perception is almost the same as after sleeping throughout the night. You will be able to better discern what music is or what food tastes like.

  7. NAP protects you from stress. Slumber enables the body to activate growth hormones and significantly reduce the level of cortisol, a hormone associated with anxiety, weight gain and diabetes.

Don't spare a little time for NAPs. After all, you have nothing to lose, and you invest in your health and good mood. Share interesting information with your friends!

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