A trick that she does with the toilet paper, cannot fail to inspire. That was a workout!

Kaisa Keranen from Washington is not just a fitness coach. This man literally exudes optimism and health. Her limitless energy it charges not only the visitors of the gym, but also motivates to exercise readers of his page in the social network.

In their home workouts Kaisa is using all that turned up under the arm. It demonstrates that sport can be practiced anytime, anywhere and under any circumstances.

An unusual set of exercises, which is excited to introduce you the"Site", is so effective that the results will be noticeable in no time!

How fast to burn intranasaly built on the principle of "more movements in minimum time". For each exercise, you need to allocate 20 seconds and try to give my all during this period. And Yes, you'll need 4 rolls of toilet paper...

  1. Jumping. Build a tower from toilet paper, to do this, sit down and take in hand single coil. Jumping, pivoting the body, then dropping to the foot and put a roll on the floor. Thus need to move the whole tower of rolls. Repeat all over again. Remember that you need to move very quickly!

  2. Bending, standing on one leg. Arrange the rolls in a semicircle, raise one leg. Bend over and touch the coil with your hand, straighten up. Repeat with each roll, then change your leg.

  3. Strap. Again build a tower of rolls, stand in front of her at the bar. The right hand lean on the floor, moved the left rolls to the left. Changed hands.

  4. Leg swings in semi-seated position. Sit on the floor for balance hold arms back. Position the legs and the paper as shown in the photo. Do the energetic moves alternately each leg, trying not to knock down a pyramid of rolls.

  5. Jumping from a slope. Like army training! Put rolls in a row. Jump on one leg this barrier, bend over, hand touch the floor, straighten up, jump over again. Repeat with the other leg.

  6. Strap on the side with leg swings. Put the rolls in a semicircle. Stand up in the side bar. In a wide Mahe touch toes alternately each roll. Come back to starting position, repeat on the other side.

  7. Twisting in the supine position. Lie on your back, take the hands of the paper roll. At the same time tearing from the floor and upper body, and legs, place the roll between the feet. Fold again, take paper in hand.

Here's a fun video, where exercises with the toilet paper in slow motion shows the guy. Done!

I never would have thought that ordinary toilet paper rolls can be useful for fitness. I can say that after such exercises under the fiery music felt every muscle... But incredibly invigorating!

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