Who is deceiving our ass? (14 pics + text)

Recently I was told terrifying thing! It turns out that not every roll of toilet paper are exactly 54 meters. Often manufacturers are going to commit a crime: we nedomatyvayut meter or two valuable material.

It would seem - what the difference, more than a meter or meter less?

In fact, there is a difference. Just imagine - you're sitting in the outhouse. Do you think that paper more fully. And then again - and you alone with the cardboard roll from the stump. That's when it will become clear why this was necessary nedomotanny scams meter.

I bought one package of each kind of paper that was in two nearby shops and died - the same as declared by the manufacturer if the actual length of the roll. Here are the results of my test:

Svetogorsk paper

Svetogorsk paper - this is a common, kondovaya toilet paper for the budget asses. If I remember correctly, about those we wipe rolls back in the Soviet times.

Standard package cost me four rubles 49 kopecks, packing "plus 10% as a gift" - 5 rubles 10 kopecks. In fairness, I note that I bought the two packs in different stores. So, it is possible that the "gift" of 10% - and in fact gift.

By the way, on the pack is small stigma «Zewa». And made this remarkable paper in the town of Svetogorsk, close to my home town of St Petersburg.

Now let's see if we do not fuck svetogortsy the size of the roll.

In conventional packaging indicates the number of separated leaflets - 350 pieces. On the gift, respectively, a 10% increase - 385. If you save and spend a time to spend five wipe away the leaves, then one roll enough for about 2-3 months. And if the shit very carefully, and wipe a leaf, this roll can stretch the whole year.

However, we begin to enter Calculate.

Carefully open the package I did not succeed. The first three leaf immediately went into the marriage. That is, of course, they can still wipe, but with great difficulty.

Next were honest, tidy, coming off right on the dotted line 346 sheets. And after two more sheets, glued to cardboard, which I normally could not tear.

Remember the anecdote, like airplane wings fell off?

The Tupolev develop a new model for the cargo plane. Like all do the right thing, but strive to test the wings fall off. Torments three months - does not solve the problem.

So sit once during the night engineers think. Suddenly - a knock on the office door. On the threshold of the old worker who before the revolution, the brothers Wright worked.

- This ... Well ... I've got a way to have to wing normally hold ... you drill holes along the line along which the wing is broken ...
- What do you know something? You have three classes of education!
- And try ...

Well, nothing to do. From despair drilled holes where workers say the plane was taken for testing. And look - normally flies an airplane. Wings held.

They called the worker asked what is the secret. Work explains:
- But when I tear off the paper in the toilet, she never for a hole not torn ...

So. To the paper "Svetogorsk Standard" does not apply. Honest 351 piece (1 - to marry), breaks where necessary. In short, the choice of thrifty man who is enough culture to use toilet paper.

We now verify "Gift" packages. Gift horse, of course, in the teeth do not look, however, it is necessary to know us - whether or not there 385 sheets?

Meticulously count revealed - indeed 385 sheets. Still, as a bonus, a few pages of a marriage, which (with an excess of free time) can also quench your thirst for purity.

If we consider that in the year of 365 days, a very correct packing - roll for the year. On one sheet per day, and 20 sheets for all sorts of surprises. If there is diarrhea, or to visit someone shit glance.

I wonder what was wiping his ass Gogol Plyushkin? Certainly not paper. Probably mugs. Or maybe some old rag. However, I do not rule out that he did not greed shit - digesting everything cleaned.

Kleenex Classic Nature

The next test - Kleenex Classic Nature. 31 rubles per pack or about 8 rubles per roll. Manufacturer - Hungary.

Paper, apparently imbued some flavor. The smell comes from something like firs in older cars.

The packaging flaunts evil warning: "In order to avoid suffocation, keep out of reach of children." Curiously - as possible suffocation toilet paper? Retinue of toilet paper rope and then on it to hang himself?

Oh, tough guys, the Hungarians. And cunning. Since the length of the roll is nowhere specified. That is, and I have nothing to check.


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