The reality of postmortem existence —the journey to Hell

Eighty four million nine hundred eighty thousand three hundred fifty

"The great sage said, "O king, all the hellish planetary systems the number twenty eight is located in the southern part of our universe, below the Earth and planets of the ancestors, over the waters of the universal ocean. I'll tell you briefly about these planets, how they look and differ from each other. Each of these planets is the place of punishment of sinners."" "Srimad-Bhagavatam", Canto 5, Chapter 26, text 3-6

This story told me a friend of the monk-Dhamaka Krishna das. You're a journalist. Maybe you can do it, he said. — Just, please, don't call my name: I for this world — long ago dead.

He said emotionally. I have only to remove the slang and to provide a small text link that to some extent resonate with his story.

I no longer have the right to remain silent. Five years ago, after leaving the hospital, I tried to share the vision with doctors, relatives, acquaintances, wrote in Newspapers and the only thing have is the complete exclusion. In the end, I began to feel that everything that happened to me — a figment of the imagination, if it may be a man, lay unconscious twenty-three days. But the reality of postmortem existence is so severe that I have to talk about it.

Before his death, I, like most of my peers, had a completely sinful life. We did business — not the net — where it was "to plant a sucker." In the evening, gathered in questionable establishments and partying as best they could.

Earning heaps of money, we also mindlessly spend on cool cars, booze, drugs and girls. The main in our life was the ability to make money, and in what way it doesn't matter. You can be the last scum, but at the pasterns — and you in authority. Moralists we are despised, believing them to be envious and losers.

When the soul was sad, and it happened sometimes that I went to his younger brother, the bell ringer of the old believer monastery. It was simple, like a child, sincerely I rejoiced and tried to read something of their old Testament books: something about the higher destiny of man, that the Lord loves us all.

I held him protectively, boasted revenues, and offered him money, but he just quietly smiled and said:

— It is empty, nick. Vanity of vanities — sooner or later all will pass and there will come the ultimate test — death.

But he never scared me, neither God's wrath nor hell. He led the life of the righteous. The only sin that he was found, is drinking, but Christianity seems to be not prohibited.

One evening we firmly disagreed. He, as always, had no money, and I suddenly regretted a little, arguing that enough is enough, they say, play the fool — work to do, and he would talk about the service of God. I left extremely irritated and the next morning he was gone — in a hurry, and he was hit by a train.

For the first time in my life, I was shocked and as-that especially sharply felt, that death is neither to wait nor call do not have — it is always there.

When after a week of hard drinking began to clean up his room in order, among the many Christian literature suddenly found Bhagavad-gītā, with numerous bookmarks. I was surprised because the brother never told me about his fascination with Indian philosophy, cautiously opened the book and... read.

The "Bhagavad-Gita" came one of our mutual friend, but seeing my depressed state, said:

So come on, you need it now.

A week later I abruptly broke up with the companions, stating that I will work alone and depressed. To do nothing is not wanted. Tried to read the Bible but did not understand. In the Bhagavad-gītā the same impression, as if in a dark room to turn on the lights. To my questions: "Who are we? Why do you live?" I got a surprisingly clear and simple answers.

I found the address in the book the temple of Krishna consciousness and happily took there free time. I liked the quiet friendly people, who called themselves the faithful servants of Krishna. In their society themselves held all my sorrows. I began to attend their morning service, lectures, and sometimes sacrifice some detail and even helped in the kitchen to peel potatoes.

Then, to unwind with his wife and child waved to the Caucasus. The money was still, and we still mindlessly burning through life, and it seemed it would be forever.

But soon our idyll came to an end. Became irregular with payments, had to plunge into commodity-money relations with all their attributes: restaurants, booze, fights and so on. Jerked in one slick operation decent amount, I went into the next bout. And at some point he started to see another reality, or simply put — out. In the language of science this is called "delirium tremens" — when man crosses the subtle energy field separating us from other worlds.

Much later, in "Srimad-Bhagavatam" I found an accurate description of any of these entities that live next to us, and are called so beautiful — parallel worlds. I wonder how I then managed independently to get out of this terrible company, but this time I decided to stop.

Held for two weeks, then drank a bottle of beer and suddenly felt separated from his body. The room quickly filled with the familiar gray-green entities. But something in their behaviour changed. Looks like they was waiting for someone. Then there were creatures I've never seen before. When all the wilted and respectfully parted. There was no doubt — came for me! Legs ran warm trickle.

"At the time of death one sees the messengers of God of death, yamadutas facing him with bloodshot eyes, and, terrified, he emits urine and feces".

"Srimad-Bhagavatam", Canto 3, Chapter 30, text 19

Sledstvie can take any form. Often those people are the most afraid. Personally, I always indifferent to "horror movies", the only thing I was afraid of is treachery. And they instantly took advantage of that. Adopting the guise of friends they collapsed in chairs and started the usual small talk, and I was horrified to realized that my memory gets all the dirtiest deeds and thoughts.

I had no idea how much filth accumulated there! That's when it really became "excruciatingly painful for the wasted years, for petty and petty past." No wonder the school was forced to learn by heart.

Then began cross-examination. I quickly got confused and started to go crazy. Unable to bear the tension, rushed to the window and jumped right into the glass. Falling from the seventh floor, was rapidly repeating some prayer...

"Yamaduta impose the victim the hard facts of his sinful activities. One of them controls the thoughts, the second question, and third deeds of the sinner, not leaving so no chance to lie. And then one begins to sincerely repent".

"Srimad-Bhagavatam", commentary to Chapter 26

Respetable four in the morning of the Nativity. The pain from hitting the ground I do not feel it, so quietly got up and began to walk around their mutilated bodies. Looking at the puddle of blood on the sticking out of the leg bone chip and knowing the drop height, I clearly understood that to hope for a miracle, at least, naive. Nothing but self-loathing I experienced. The wife at that time left me, and rightly so — who wants a drunk?

At half-past six found me. When the multitude came together, I decided to joke and said loudly: — Well, what are you looking at! The living dead have not seen, or what? Order a dirge!

But no one responded.

— Now we laugh! — hissed from behind the ominous voice.

I looked back and was petrified — yamaduta! Is leaving the body, for me nothing has changed. Moreover, there was an aggravating circumstance.

Arrived "Fast". A lump of meat without excess sentimentality loaded into the car. I ran after, but was immediately knocked down by a terrible blow. Yamaduta instantly threw me durable invisible net and dragged into space.

And although the body was not, I was fully aware of himself as a person saw, heard, felt, and trembled in the icy chills what happens when you know that there is something terrible, but I don't know what...

The beat started immediately. From the blows of rubber truncheons on the head I lost consciousness and could not figure out what it is the stars or the sparks? A surprising discovery — it appears that the subtle body is also lose consciousness!

"Just as the guards arrested the offender, then to subject him to punishment, yamaduta take custody of the sinner. They tightened on his neck a time loop, and, covering his body with a special shell that allows you to run through space, being dragged to the first of the hellish planets called Tāmisra. In two or three moments, they cover the distance in ninety-nine thousand yojanas (one Yojana = 12 872 m), and then subjected to the sinner with a painful torture, which he deserved. There, he suffered grievously under the blows of the fierce messengers of Yamaraja and the pain is deprived of feelings".

"Srimad-Bhagavatam", Canto 5, Chapter 26, text 8

Gradually began to get used to a new state. Hit on the head, Oh well — like it should be.

Noticing this, yamaduta has replaced batons, whips — suffering intensified. At some point came up with the idea that if you drink, the pain will not be perceived so acutely, and I asked for a vodka. They said

— Now!

One pushed my jaw, and the second began to slowly pour down my throat some liquid, saying:

Pei Shine, do not be ashamed.

I howled. It was not vodka! I was writhing in pain, choked, and... got drunk. And they gloated:

— Anything with a hangover it is not yet!

As the Chronicles I knew is the morning when all shakes and contorts.

"Those who nourish a passion for melinoma, the messengers of death are thrown into hell Ahana, there are priests, indulging in this Vice during the performance of the rite. There the servants of Yamaraja, the sinners standing on his chest, poured them into the throat of the molten iron."

"Srimad-Bhagavatam", Canto 5, Chapter 26, text 29

Punishment in hell was a lot. I then tore into pieces some evil animal-like creatures (it was ruru and cravedi on earth, they are not found — ed. author), to the bone eating termites. Then roasted in a copper pan, was freeze in a glacier, dragged through the thorns, Stripping the skin alive. Many types of torture, one way or another, well-known on Earth, but they all apply to me — I was not expecting! Some remembered firmly.

Once in limbo, I slowly dipped in boiling oil. When the pain reached a peak, was taken out, but once stopped, dipped again.

Very painful also, when you germinate through the stems of young bamboo. Sharp like an awl, they extend to thirty centimetres per night.

But even harder to stand naked in the pillory, when you jamb the rod by those for whom you lived, and torn tendon, and they are biting, swinging beat cruel words, pronouncing thee all that has accumulated. And all this is naked truth, and you can neither hide behind nor to argue, because he died! So only after death will know what a bastard it turns out, was in his lifetime! Like about the dead is not to say bad, but who that should be?

The person who was engaged in criminal activity to support himself and his family, he suffers in hell and torments his relatives. Such sinners are put in a flaming fire, and when they toasted, they make there own flesh.

"Srimad-Bhagavatam", Canto 3, Chapter 30, item 28

I suffered a lot from his own mind. The already sick, but he whines and pokes without end under the nose of the dirtiest, like anything good in life. And maybe really was not? Not holidays utterly false to remember or how pioneers took.

And life sucks, and death is not a joy. No clearance!..

At some point I was in a very large light room, and a soft female voice said:

— You now everything inside is torn and broken, but you do not worry. We will definitely fix, but for now relax and enjoy.

Here, I think, great! Ended my meal in heaven!

The people in this secular society began to enjoy a variety of drinks. I also ordered "Pink champagne". I brought it, Yes there is a lot — a whole box!

All congratulated me, said some pleasant speech, encouraging, nodding, smiling, and drank, drank. And I suddenly discovered that I can't reach fougères. I tried by gestures to show that thirsty! Such a Sizzling thirst I had never experienced. For a drink rusty tap water, I was ready for anything.

Then again the prison cell, butchers, bullying. Got and comrades in suffering. It would seem that along suffer in hell any longer — so no, still strive to arrange podlyanku! As if they are from this easier! It lasted long enough. I died dozens, if not hundreds of times, changing the body and the planet, which were a great many.

But one planet Crimination — we should tell you more. In Sanskrit "krimi" means worms. On this planet fall crimi — anal elements — those who live at the expense of the suffering of others. The whole planet — vast lake, filled with a bloody mess and teeming with big, fat worms. I haven't had time to fall back, as to me from all sides dug these creatures. I, in turn, began to furiously devour them. Oh, God, it was like our life on the earth!

If only those who now promotes crime and sex, he knew how it will turn for them! I can only wish them eternal life. They better not die!

Then I some time stood in the sump with some nauseating substance, but the feeling of shame and pain already thoroughly blunted, and the neighbors on torture is not so crowed — also swallowed plenty of.

"Obsessed by lust and lost his mind, the sinner who forces his wife to drink its sperm, after death goes to hell Balabaksha. There he is thrown into Shukra Nadi (river of semen) and forced to drink it."

"Srimad-Bhagavatam", Canto 5, Chapter 26 text 27

I now understand what it means to suffer in hell for thousands of lives. This is no exaggeration. The subtle body feels exactly the same as rude. The only difference is that the rough is destroyed once and thin can be made to die forever.

And all these hellish suffering is only in order to limit human consciousness to a mere instinct, and then he is meekly born in any animal form.

"After living creature will otctraded in hell and born alternately in all the lower forms of life prior to human, it atoned for their sins, is born again on Earth man."

"Srimad-Bhagavatam", Canto 3, Chapter 30, item 34

Amnistia one day of me in a transparent package was taken to a huge throne room. Sitting on the throne of man, something like Ivan the terrible, held court. When his turn came, the Secretary read out my case and told about preventive measures, which meant that with the upcoming I hell of a life I briefed. Incidentally, this is the first time I ran the film of my life. Rubbish movie — no ideas, no plot. Solid Chernukha with porn.

Near the God of death, Yamaraja was not terrible. He is kind, humane smile contrasted sharply with the brutal faces of my tormentors. He asked me and Mr. so gently, in a fatherly way, that I broke down and cried. I was given water, normal, without the pitfalls. I got drunk, and then only to the consciousness came his question:

— If you do, what to do you?

And I suddenly blurted out:

— As a monk gone to God to serve!

Yamaraja were surprised:

— God? It is good a God I serve — these, for example: poured pleasant music, singing the choir.

No, not that.

Then the organ sounded — hard, as in the film "the gadfly".

— No, say not that! I like:

Hare Krishna,

Hare Krishna,

Krishna Krishna

Hare Hare...

He laughed:

— To serve God, have faith to have. Here you are, someone, believe?

I was thinking, and at this point I had Daruka monk, whom I met in the Krishna temple. His expression was so pure, radiant, and he looked at me with such love that I almost choked out of happiness:

— That's him, I believe him!

Jaya! 'said Yamaraja and clapped his hands -- all vanished.

I woke up in intensive care. It turns out that the body is thoroughly aligned and fixed with special fittings. All this time it was unconscious. I knew perfectly well that brought me back for a reason — I was given the opportunity to replay his life. And while in hell I was indefinitely on the Ground it's only been twenty-three days.

The doctors were amazed at how bravely I endured all the treatments. Of course! The local flour is nothing compared to what I experienced there!

When the pain is particularly annoyed, I deliberately went out of body and walking around the house, listening to the dispute of the doctors, about how would survive or not. Making sure that I don't see a long wander in the subtle body, first at the hospital complex, and then throughout Moscow.

Visited several times in the apartment of his wife, and saw that my visit causes them great anxiety. About me just remember, started to curse, then regretted and even tried to visit, but never got around to it.

But responded immediately to my visits father. He lived near Moscow, and I had to appear like he had dropped everything, took a basket of vegetables and fruit and went to me.

While in the hospital, several times saw yamadutas. And, turning cold with terror, watched as they exhaust the souls of the dying, but I'm fortunately not interested in them anymore.

When I was discharged, then to the apartment again pulled old friends and girlfriends — not with empty hands, of course. I was going to join the drinking, as that night came a hell of the guys and started to drag me out of the body. On the balance of breath, I croaked: "hare Krishna!" and woke up in a cold sweat. Afraid to sleep, until dawn repeated this life-saving prayer.

In the morning, somehow have decostyle Kursky station and went to the village, away from sin. There at grandma's in a quiet situation became serious, Tom for Tom to read "Srimad-Bhagavatam" and in the Third, then the Fifth Song was released on a detailed description of the structure of our universe from the upper worlds to the familiar hellish planets. Then finally decided to devote himself to the service of God.

Six months later, went to Moscow to retrieve a metal frame that kept my body. The doctors were amazed to see me walking alone, without crutches. By all standards I was supposed at least another six months to lie in bed.

Oklemavshis after surgery, I went to the Krishnas, but on the Prospect of Peace was gone. The temple moved in Sukharevo, under Moscow. After learning the address, went there and the first person met was Daruka — the one that pulled me out of hell. Crying and laughing, I told him about my misadventures and the Yamarāja, the vow. A year later, I took initiation from the spiritual master and became a monk.

Now, offering to buy the sacred Scriptures "Bhagavad-Gita or Srimad-Bhagavatam" — I frankly say that those books saved me. And people seeing in my words sincere desire of good to them, respond to it. I myself am perfectly happy and the only thing every day I pray to God, to the people back the memory of their original spiritual nature, and then they'd have a chance to leave this terrible world even after death there is no rest.

Author: Anatoly Todorov



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