Scientists have proven the power of the cross

We have confirmed that coming from the ancient custom of baptizing food and drink before a meal has a profound mystical meaning, — says physicist angelina Malakhovskaya, — is hidden Behind it of practical use: food cleared literally for a moment. This great miracle, which happens literally every day. Their research into the power of the cross angelina Malakhovskaya spent almost 10 years.

I carried out a large series of experiments that repeatedly double-checked before the results were published. They are phenomenal: unique bactericidal properties were discovered appearing in the water for it is sanctified by prayer and the sign of the cross. A new and hitherto unknown property of the word of God to transform the structure of water, greatly increasing its optical density in the ultraviolet region of the spectrum.

The possibility of these studies for angelina Malakhovskaya and her colleagues in St. Petersburg was a miracle — they were not funded, not part of the theme of the Institute. But the scientists performed an enormous amount of work for free — just to give people an opportunity to feel and see the healing power of God.

Scientists tested the effect of the prayer "our father" and the sign of the cross on pathogenic bacteria. For the study were taken samples of water from various reservoirs, wells, rivers, lakes. All samples contained E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus. But it turned out that if you read the prayer "our father" and make the sign of the sample the sign of the cross, the amount of harmful bacteria decreased in 7, 10, 100 and even over 1000 times!

The condition of the experiment to exclude the possible influence of mental suggestion — in prayer was that believers and non-believers, however, the number of pathogenic bacteria in different environments (with different sets of bacteria) still decreased compared with the control sample.

Beneficial impact of prayer and the sign of the cross on the person — all subjects stabilized blood pressure, improved blood counts. Surprising is the fact that the indices has varied in the exactly required for the healing of the direction: in hypotensive pressure is increased in hypertensive patients is reduced.

It has been observed that if the sign of the cross man imposes on himself casually, clearly adding troeperstie fingers, or did not touch the essential points (the middle of the forehead, the solar plexus center, the grooves of the right and left shoulder), then positive feedback was much lower or nonexistent.

Scientists have measured the optical density of water before and after imposing on it the sign of the cross and sanctification. have yianilos that the optical density compared with its initial value before the consecration increases — says angelina Malakhovskaya — This means that the water as it "DISTINGUISHES" meaning spoken over her prayers, remembers this impact and keeps it indefinitely — in the form of increased value of optical density. She would become saturated with light. The human eye to catch these healing changes the structure of water, of course, can not. But the instrument — spectrograph provides an objective assessment of this phenomenon.

The sign of the cross changes the optical density of the water almost instantly. The optical density of tap water, blessed by the making over it the sign of the cross ordinary believers increased almost 1.5 times! And when blessed by a priest — almost 2.5 times! It turns out that water "distinguishes between" the degree of consecration of the layman or priest, in which the fingers of the right hand folded for blessings so that represent the first letters of Christ's name.

An interesting result of the blessing of water baptism, but the unbeliever, who does not wear a pectoral cross. It turned out that the water "discerns" even the degree of faith — the optical density changed by only 10%! Indeed — "on your faith Yes will be to you."

Because the human body consists of more than two-thirds water, this means that God was laid in the creation of such a system of physical channels that regulate all biochemical processes in the body, which is clearly "knows" the name of Jesus Christ!

We can say that the sign of the cross is the generator light. In any other summations of the fingers (the palm, or by careless addition of fingers, a quick blagogoveyno the waving hands) no change (increase) of the optical density of tap water is not revealed.

The magazine "Parish life" № 4 (45), year 2006 A. d



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