The cult of ugliness

“How sexy and feminine it may look like a woman without Tits!” – typical female phrase. Like praised. And like humiliated. Well, from their own point of view. Subtext: “bessies” you're inadequate. It is clear that this refers to full this chest to awaken in men little boys that are pressed against your mother's bra.

© Pablo Picasso's "Women running on the beach" 1922


Funny that “bassick” is about Jane Birkin, which has a great chest this time, and two – which was considered one of the sexiest girls in the world.

Jane Birkin

But, generally, we are not talking about Boobs, and about beauty. About how we perceive what they want from it.

I have always been very passionately supported by all versions of the Body Positive movement. That is, women liked his body, his face – even if they don't like all there models.

But, frankly, it's a very complex topic.

There are beautiful people. With them all will be to compare yourself – that's what you do. Because man always compares himself – his height, weight, capital, success, voice, hair. The comparison may be reasonable, could be painful.


Ava Gardner

Beautiful people also worry about their appearance – and sometimes even hate myself. Because to be beautiful is not to be perfect. Everyone has flaws.


A beautiful person may from time to time to cry because he had a pimple or stretch marks on the hips, or not enough perfect toes. But he will still be underneath everything, the feeling that he is handsome. It is not external factors, is the mentality. People to a beautiful kind and considerate. Beautiful easier to get what they want. Beautiful more fans – more sexy choice.

Beauty gives a person different feeling of life.

That is why all those people who endlessly do plastic surgery, some procedures – they cannot settle themselves. They are inside do not feel attractive. They have a different mentality.

So beauty is very largely a question of psychology.

The Second “But”.

In our culture there is a strange children's cruelty – well, when can loudly shout “fatty!” and finger-pointing. Or “no Boobs!”.

Here I am on online Gossip, where many discuss the exterior, I see strange comments from some girls – like, what a chin! the horror!

And it's talking about one of the most beautiful women. About Hilary Rhoda.

Hilary Rhoda

A moment ago mocked Kim Kardashian, who without any reasonable cause altered nose, and then poke someone with a finger “how does she live with such a huge nose!”. This is, for example, about Gisele Bundchen.

Gisele Bundchen

Found in the beautiful – ugly. It is very necessary.

And it doesn't work as a defense – say, this girl is being sold as the ideal, but where do we take the such feet, hands, ass, fingers, hair, so even though the nose will be considered charmless.

No. This is some vile competition that aims to inspire beautiful malls, and generally ugly to death zagnobit.

It seems to me that in the culture of no respect for beauty. There is worship, envy, even some admiration. But not respect.

If you basically respect all beautiful – you can see it in the small. In detail. In rotating the neck. In beautifully flowing hair. In the lips. The expression on his face. In the shade of the eyes.

Maybe the person as a whole and not perfect, but you can always see in it something beautiful.

It is believed that we live in the cult of beauty. No. All the way around. We live in a cult of ugliness.

I recently wrote on Facebook about a dispute between the two singers on unshaven female armpits. They figured out feminism. And one girl wrote to me in the comments what Kiev go all sorts of vile men, sweaty and hairy, and they take their shirts off in the heat, and not ashamed of my belly in thick wool, and, in General, did not hesitate. The message was this – women also have that right.

But the right to be ugly – it's somehow... sad.

If there was a movement against men, they followed each other to things steel hygienic and aesthetic norm – is that reasonable to me. And have the right to be like any road untidy work is not clear to me.

To be honest, I have no decent men not seen in the city with no top. And like cattle as you do not want.

Well, now the important point is that in our society is considered ugly. Because we have a cult of ugliness, then, frankly, almost everything. Weight, height, eye shape, nose shape, breast, breast size, curvature of the legs, the butt, the stomach.

All these strange girls who put chest now and prostheses in the ass, cut off noses, inflated lips, enhance cheekbones – they are the victims of this cult. They aspire to mediocrity, which will not cause any remarks – except that they are artificial, not like people. They want to be perfectly neutral.

The rest suffer in silence. The slightest drawback that makes you consider yourself ugly.

It is believed that all sorts of magazines and other industry of “beauty” puts us in this opinion. But I think they just play along, use it. They exploit this cult of ugliness.

Therefore, all women (and men, but traditionally – especially women) always think of myself as ugly. Especially those who are not born of unconditional beauty.

And it's not a sign of a horrible horrible time in which we live. In 10s, 20s already it was fashionable to be cocaine-thin. While healthy weight and a healthy complexion, too, was in style. In the 80s in fashion came to the fitness but it was only about physical culture. In Nazi Germany, too, was a cult sport women – but they were in the body.


It is not in any fashion. But in ourselves. We are mired in comparisons, in anger to each other. To yourself. We by default accept that we must be miserable and ugly. We suffer and feel the same way about their appearance.

I believe that the consequences of the revolution of the middle class. Everything was bland, average, no. At the peak of fame – neutral, meet mass requirements. Personality out of fashion, they were replaced – even though they are in high demand.

Here, many girls admire Renata Litvinova. Which, incidentally, took and altered his nose – just as a massive tastes all by itself filled. She clipped its originality too. Delicately. But still. You'd think she never could afford a new nose. It is a mass psychosis.

It is no wonder that it is now so popular Kim Kardashian. That's absolute zero, even westerhouse its senselessness. Redrawn Kim, who made his ass a personal achievement. I think it's funny. Ass – like talent, like creativity, like individuality.

It is clear that there have always been girls like Kim, an heiress of some kind, the secular kind of thing. But they were either beautiful or good dressed, or were some delightful Bohemian way of life. And Kim is as huge as her ass, emptiness. And that emptiness filled with all the information space. People want a vacuum. They do not need beauty, they need the sort of half sex object, half circus freak. Bearded woman with huge Tits. The Cult Of Ugliness. Compared to Kim – any genius and handsome.

Nobody cares beauty as a feature of personality, as a manifestation of talent, as a reflection of thinking as the original style.

We want to be mediocre-beautiful-ugly. We thought of it themselves. There is no one to complain. published


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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