The most exciting avenues on the planet, which is certainly worth a stroll

We present to your attention pictures of the most spectacular malls on the planet, which is certainly worth a stroll!

1. South Africa. Johannesburg. Flowering trees jacaranda. (John)


2. Japan. Kawazu, Shizuoka Prefecture. The Tunnel Of Love. (Agustin Rafael Reyes)


3. USA. Louisiana. Museum-estate "Oak alley". (Mario Sainz Martínez)


4. Germany. Cherry alley in Bonn. (Janis Summary)


5. Northern Ireland. Antrim. "Dark fence". (Eelco)


6. UK. Wales. Bobovnik tunnel in Bodnant garden. (Jaypeg)


7. Japan. Kyoto. Bamboo forest Sagano. (Daniel Peckham)


8. Japan. Park in Akishima. (Agustin Rafael Reyes)


9. Sweden. Stockholm. The Park Kungsträdgården. (Ulf Bodin)


10. Germany. Potsdam. (Nietnagel)

11. Japan. Tunnel of Wisteria. (Binary cse)



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