5 situations when it is impossible to be silent

You non-confrontational and dislike to sort things out. However, there are situations in which silence – to the detriment!

You would like never to quarrel, not to cause people unnecessary problems and just live: work hard, love my family and enjoy friends. This is why you never try to sort things out and not to criticise anyone. You probably think it is very comfortable and convenient person. Only does this benefit you personally? I doubt it... We will list the situations in which you have no right not to defend your rights!

When you hurt

And not some there is mental and physical! You now object that, say, always make a remark, if the bus someone will come on foot? Yeah, maybe. But when you're in bed with her own husband and it during sex that causes you pain, you tell him so? Or suffer in silence, not daring to interrupt the process?

Know that the man is not clairvoyant, he might actually not realize that you're in pain. Tell him about it. If he loves you, surely you stop being brutal. And if not... well, with a complete selfish you are unlikely along the way.

When you manipulate

You can see that a friend flatters you with one purpose – to do what she needs. Succumbing to this manipulation, you will not only appear in the eyes of a friend pliable silly, but also form a complex of the victim. Like, you all enjoy as you want, and you suffer silently. Tell the manipulator all right, what do you think about him and his methods – and you will be much easier to live.

When you ignore your needs

Knowing perfectly well that you're tired during the working day, home as if nothing had happened asking you the pickles and the perfect order in the house? If you obediently run to the plate and go to sleep during cleaning the bath, do not expect that your dedication, someone will appreciate. Just because others treat you as a person that has a lot of responsibilities and no rights – in short, like a slave. Are you satisfied with the attitude?

When you cheat

You can pretend that did not notice the smell of tobacco from their teenage son and cleaned up a page in his diary. However, for deception, especially if you are cheating someone close to you, there is always some problem. That's about it, and it is necessary to think and to talk. Maybe your son is afraid that after learning about the assessments, you will no longer love him? Deception is evidence of problems in relationships, to gloss over that in any case impossible.

When you are forced to do something that disgusts you

Each person has his principles, breaking which, he loses his self-respect. It is much more serious than you think! Following the lead of the chef and carefully surviving from a team colleague, you can be, store the location of the authorities, but would not you ashamed of yourself? Perhaps forcing you to do something that is unacceptable to you, the caller promises you some good, and now it seems that such a deal are beneficial. Are so big that they are losing self-esteem? published


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