The beauty of the conflict.

Conflict - it's a great form of relationship. The conflict was not created for the destruction, its essence is different - it reveals a lie.
On the concept of "conflict" most negative attitude: they see aggression, quarrels and wars. But this perverse opinion, created a perverse society. In fact, the conflict shows only one thing - the discrepancy. And this is an extremely important operation information. Well, of course, it is important for the living - and not mushy averaged dead society.
The conflict shows that something is not smooth, something goes wrong. Timely detection of conflict makes it possible to quickly change - whereas people who avoid this conflict, accumulate these destructive factors in themselves. As a result, increase in the fracture times.

Conflict can solve the problem as it occurs - not leading to destruction.
Smearing conflict leads to an inevitable explosion.
Sometimes this explosion outwards - sometimes inside.
I knew one woman - she suffered all his life antics of her husband and others. Everyone thought it a model of patience and be touched this resistance. But when she died and did an autopsy, the doctors were amazed: her heart was like a stone - absolutely solid. E. All her life she exploded inward.

Must be able to go to the conflict, to be able to work with him as a positive factor. Identification of conflict points at the beginning of building relationships can prevent a lot of damage later. Generally speaking, the ability to identify conflict points based on very little information - this is a great blessing and complex art.
The problem of modern society is that it distorts everything - in Vol. H. And the concept of conflict. So when a fool say that he is a fool (of course, talking about the definition of reasonable, not the desire to emotionally hurt), the fool does not accept this information with gratitude - and offended, and a loss for the same salvation "Yes, you assume a look! "And in the end deprived of the opportunity to stop being a fool.

But the conflict - this is not a scandal. Conflict - is the result of clarity, we note the beginning of the causes of damage.
Of course, there is the issue of trust and identify conflicts. After all, only a few are able to tell people, "You fool," simply because he really fool - and not because, although it hurt them politically or manage. In part, this situation is simplified where people are initially built position of teacher-student. There's all the students understand that if they criticize the teacher, it does not have to insult and abuse irrelevant - it helps them to become better and stronger.

Currently, the ability to work with the conflict makes it possible to correct the situation jewelry at its very birth - avoiding the hardest inevitable consequences.
Incidentally, the ability to go to the conflict has nothing to do with the emotional aggression. The conflict is not "Who are you?", The conflict - is "Look - you have a bug here. It can be corrected. "


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