Dr. Rijk Hamer: iron law of cancer

The famous German oncologist Dr. Hamer Raik (Ryke Geerd Hamer), in the late 70s became ill with cancer. The disease developed soon after the death of his son.

Thinking like a professional oncologist Hamer came to the conclusion that the direct correlation between stress in connection with the death of his son and develop the disease.

Later he analyzed the brain scan samples from their patients and compared them with the offsetting of medical and psychological records. To his surprise, he found a clear link between the shock (stress), Blackout in different areas of the brain damaged by a specific type of shock and the appropriate body where the cancer has developed, depending on the type of trauma.

Shock or psychological trauma strikes quite instinctively by the human body, automatically cycling the underlying biological mechanisms, moreover, the evolution of these mechanisms specifically created to adapt to difficult circumstances.

For example, mammary glands woman immediately begin to malignant (cancerous cells develop), when her child is injured, enhancing reproduction of milk in order to protect the child. In the case of refugees, due to the fear and risk of dehydration begin to malignant bladder cells.

Based on more than 40 000 medical records for many years, he developed a theory according to which the basis of each disease is a particular type of injury.

His views Rijk Hamer within hollisticheskogo worldview (philosophical and medical presentation, linking all phenomena in nature, including processes in the body, in a single unit) designed in the belief system called "German New Medicine».

From my own experience, associated with the death of his son and subsequent illness, and the experience of others, brought the concept of Rijk Syndrome, which is a cause of cancer. It is not even stress and trauma zhestochayshayapsihicheskaya. The 15,000 medical history he was able to log the documented relationship between this initial syndrome and subsequent development of the disease.

He called it DIRK HAMER SYNDROME (DHS), on behalf of his son Dirk whose tragic death in 1978 was the cause of his illness. Experience has helped thousands of stories Raicu to formulate the so-called Iron Law of Cancer, which, according to his ideas, nothing can resist. Each cancer disease begins with the DHS, which is expressed in the form of an extremely brutal shock, the most dramatic and violent conflict, ever happen to a person experienced them alone.
It is essential to view the conflict or trauma, which is expressed in the DHS point in his performance, defined as follows

Hamer Focus - a specific region of the brain under the influence of trauma suffering serious violations and thereby inducing proliferation (reproduction) of carcinogenic cells in the body associated with this portion of the brain

Localization of cancer in a certain place. There is a link between the evolution of the conflict and the development of cancer in two ways:. Cerebral and organic

The second and third conflicts with DHS may be associated with the first conflict. For example, a diagnosis of cancer can cause a sudden fear of death, which will be reflected dappled in light, or self-abasement, followed by cancer in the bones: According to Hamer's theory is not a metastasis, and new tumors caused by new locations focus Hamer, formed under the influence of new trauma .

At a time when the conflict is successfully resolved, there is an inversion of polarity and brain disorders are corrected, forming a kind of edematous area, while the anarchical proliferating cells due to improper coding of brain computer is not innervated by this erroneous coding, and tumor growth stops . The reverse process of reversing accompanied by the appearance of swelling in the area of ​​the tumor, ascites (accumulation of fluid), pain.

Obeying rebuilt nerve signals, the body begins a long phase of restructuring with the formation of anti-inflammatory therapies regions in all problematic parts of the body back to normal sleep, appetite, although weakness and fatigue are typical when vagotonia (disorders of the autonomic nervous system), can lead to an incorrect diagnosis.

During the recovery period can be different types of cerebral complications, depending on the duration of conflict resolution and localization Hamer focus. The period of development of swelling should be completely give up alcohol, cortisone drugs, diuretics, coffee. Apply anti-inflammatory drugs, sometimes ice, applied to the neck or forehead. During this period should be limited fluid intake.

Until today, physicians observe the unwritten law according to which patients should not suffer. The symptom of pain immediately preceding death, which is considered the worst, and the worst, in the process of healing seems unbearable for four to six weeks, ceasing spontaneously after 2-3 months. It is important to realize that pain is individual for each patient, and if the person understands that this is an intermediate part of the disease, it is possible to refrain from taking medications, psychological strengthening himself in thoughts about the light at the end of the tunnel.

Hamer said one of the most terrible principles of modern medicine in the treatment of cancer the use of morphine. Even at relatively early stages of the disease and the use of relatively small pain single dose of morphine or similar drugs, could be fatal.

According to the "New German Medicine" body passes several stages during the illness.

After the initial DHS initiate a period of conflict-active phase of the disease (CA-Conflict Active phase). This phase is associated with sleep disturbances, appetite, various autonomic disorders, leading to many diseases. CA phase due to unresolved conflict could go on for years, eventually one way or another by destroying the body.

Step conflict resolution Hamer called CL (Conflictolysis-destruction of the conflict). Here ends CA phase and begins the recovery period. Phase starting with CL-a period of full restoration of tissues of all organs.

Hamer called this stage of PCL (Post Conflicolytic phase-phase post-conflict).

During this period, the body gets rid of thoroughly useless cancerous or necrotic due to peptic ulcer disease cells (theory Hamer considers his plane many diseases besides cancer).

This general cleaning occurs due to microbes. Between PCL microbes attacking us, leading to infections, while actually acting symbiotically, freeing the body from the rubbish. What conventional medicine refers to infectious diseases, Hamer called "epileptic crisis».

According to Hamer's theory-cleaners microbes can not act in the body, receiving a wrong encoding brain signals as the voltage stress does not allow them inside the fabric.

Returning to the above, a single dose of morphine during EC phase can be fatal, because, according to Hamer's theory, this dose changes brain function, paralyzed bowels and totally violates the regenerative functions within the body. Man plunging into lethargic, is not aware of the lethality of action of morphine just at a time when he was on his way to recovery. The pain of the second period is actually a very good sign of the recovery process, but modern medicine is not aware of this.

Possibly, two-thirds of cancer initiated DHS, stopped in its development before been suspected and diagnosed in connection with prior conflict resolution. The only danger in these cases may be incorrect diagnosis associated with the interpretation of the encapsulated cancer. When the diagnosis of cancer DHS injury as a result of panic can give spots in the lungs. Thus, the patient, who had a chance to avoid the disease, thrown back into the cycle of general therapy.

Acute leukemia is also a result of DHS injury.

Computed tomography shows DHS brain injury in the form of spots with concentric circles. Radiologists may misinterpret the results, including their metastases in the brain, which means, according to the ideas Hamer that a huge number of people have been completely unnecessary operation with the incorrect diagnosis of brain tumors.

Of great importance for the process of conflict resolution Hamer gives physiotherapy. On the other hand toxins and drugs act destructively interfering with the resolution of conflict.

The paradox of the "New German Medicine" is to take the fact that the mechanism for malignancy due to shock at some point even useful for the organism, but the radio and chemotherapy reinforce this process, making it difficult to resolve the conflict and restore the body.

Using the technique, Dr. Hamer healed 6000 of 6500 patients in the last stages of cancer, not counting himself.

Professor and Doctor of Medicine Rijk Hamer worked for 15 years in conventional medicine, it is also part of his time he devoted to the development of specialized medical equipment.

After the tragedy in 1978 when a mentally ill man shot and killed his 19-year-old son Dirk, as a result of trauma from Raika during the year developed testicular cancer disease. His wife later also developed cancer. Despite the tremendous shock, he had the strength to fight the disease and to start their own critical review of all the theories of the origin and development of cancer.

All of the various factors of the disease, including environmental carcinogens, according to his ideas, do not cause cancer, but only aggravate it. All cancer treatments, including chemotherapy and radio, and many surgery to remove the tumor, according to his theory, are top of the list of reasons that aggravate the development of cancer.

Revolutionary theory Raika has been to the extent accepted by the medical world in arms, that he had been prosecuted.

September 9, 2004 Rijk Hamer was arrested in Spain, and then subjected to extradition to France. 70-year-old professor was sentenced to three years in prison. Formally, he was charged with the responsibility of private medical practice without a license, in addition, it demanded renunciation of the main provisions of «German New Medicine» (someone already required to renounce scientific theories in history), was accused of causing damage to health and the death of many people treated for his method.

Followed by numerous protests, including major medical institutions and organizations. Method «German New Medicine» has been tested in institutions such as the Universities of Vienna (1986), Duesseldorf (1992) and Trnava / Bratislava (1998), which is very strong and impressive results. Under pressure from the public in February 2006, Dr. Hamer Raik was released from prison.


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