The tribes of the Omo Valley

Photographer Marcos Lira took these pictures in 2010 during his trip to the valley of the Omo River, which is three days away from the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, and remains one of the most undeveloped parts of the world is an amazing place can be defined as a kind of a huge museum outdoor - live here four major African language groups. More than twenty tribes, some of them have tens of thousands of people, while others - less than 500, but the culture of each of them is unique and authentic.
1. A woman from the tribe Surma, who lives on the banks of the same river, in the south-western Ethiopia. Semi-nomadic tribes Surma fenced off from the world of inaccessible mountains.

2. A young mother from the tribe Surma with the child. Like many other tribes tribe Surma Valley Ohm's not directly in contact with civilization.

3. Due to the dense jungles and harsh dry climate, the region remains one of the most undeveloped in the world.

5. A boy from the tribe Surma. Although the tribe has a firearm, and even Kalashnikovs, the tribe conducts primitive way of life. The tribe does not hunt, and lives at the expense of cattle, is in Surma main wealth.

6. As in adults, and children shaved head is a measure of beauty. Expression of close friendship among children the same body-painting or makeup on the face, which they carefully decorated with each other.


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