Barbed barrier. Places where you have to go, but can not

1. Dry Valleys

The driest place on Earth - Antarctica sand dunes. Here is a polygon rovers

If you delve into the territory of Antarctica from the Ross Sea, you get to the three so-called "dry valleys" (Victoria, Wright and Taylor). Katabatic winds blow here (fastest wind planet reaches a speed of 320 km / h), which cause increased evaporation of moisture. Thus, the valley has been about 8 million years old are free of ice and snow. At the same time in some areas about 2 million years did not have any rain.

However, the water in the valleys is still present - in the form of the most saline lakes in the world. As the temperature rises here sometimes to zero, they are thawed places, giving the place a surreal view of a tropical resort. In the largest of these lakes explorers even diving. They say that at the bottom is the mummified corpse seal, which inexplicably stumbled here from the coast.

Dead seals, perhaps, the only representative of the local fauna. The climate here is so severe that even bacteria are presented in very limited quantities, not to mention more than multicellular organisms. This, by the way, very much American astrophysicist who adapted the dry valleys under test rovers. They claim that not only the lack of extra life, but also the local climate is very similar to Mars.

Now, the most tempting. Why are you here will not get ever? Firstly, the Antarctic tourism in general thing rather conventional. That is for the fabulous price of course you can buy a trip to the South Pole (there you deliver military aircraft) or sightseeing cruise on Antarctic islands, densely populated penguins and seals. Adding on top of thousands more, you can also charter a yacht and moor somewhere on the coast of the Ross Sea. However, the walk to the dry valleys (about 50 kilometers through the snowdrifts), you know, will not work. Even if you suddenly stray private jet or helicopter, it is unlikely he will fly there and back without refueling from Chile or New Zealand. And if it will fly, it certainly will not sit down.

In general, you can only envy polar scientists. By the way, this is the resort they own yellow tent in the photos.


Saltiest lake in the dry valleys - Don Juan Pond (with some cacti explorers as it was called, science does not know). The salt concentration in the reservoir reaches 40%. He almost never freezes.

Keep in mind: Pole of Inaccessibility

By the way, if so you will not get in the dry valleys of Antarctica, be sure to keep in mind Another interesting place nearby. About a thousand kilometers from the Antarctic desert is the so-called "pole of inaccessibility" - the most distant point from the coast of the continent. Also, what is the point of an elusive planet is here and another attraction - an abandoned polar station, topped by a bust of Lenin. It was founded by Soviet explorers in 1958 and lasted only two weeks, after which it was closed (apparently because it is unnecessary). However, the fact of our presence in the most inaccessible part of the world has been fixed. What, by the way, saw three Englishmen (Rory Sweet, Rupert Lognsdon, Henry Cookson), who in 2007 first reached the Pole of Inaccessibility on foot, using traction kites, and were photographed with Lenin.

2. Secret camera

Unexplored cavities inside the pyramid of Cheops. The Egyptian government blocks attempts to open them.

In March 1993, German engineer Rudolf Gantenbrink conducted tests of its new robot archaeologist inside the pyramid of Cheops. Robot Upuat (which in ancient Egyptian means "the conductor to another world") was trained to climb through a narrow shaft, inaccessible to man, and in every possible way to explore them. In principle, the Great Pyramid of such mines abound: it vents through which in the burial chamber of the pharaoh, for example, to maintain a constant temperature.

Rudolph ran Upuata the shaft coming out of the so-called "Queen's Chamber" - the ritual space, in which, however, no queen ever had. Surprises are not expected: the robot just had to come to the surface (cleared, by the way, a channel that, in principle, it is useful for microclimate of the pyramid). However, shortly after the introduction of mechanical researcher in the tunnel Egyptologists world almost had a stroke: Upuat buried in the door of the white limestone with metal parts.

This discovery immediately proclaimed the "discovery of the decade". It was assumed that the door is the same "secret chamber", which for nearly a century archaeological legends go! For example, the American explorer John Kinnaman pyramids before his death said that in 1926 he was able to find in the desert, sanded passage in a "technical room" pyramid of Cheops, where he saw the objects similar to the mechanism. However, the authorities forbade him to publish this discovery and re-filled entrance. Relatively recently, the French Geophysics definitely found suspicious voids inside the pyramid of Cheops. And in 1993 the robot Gantenbrink came close to the door as possible in the secret chambers ... And then the trial was terminated! Without explaining the reasons, the Egyptian authorities have banned further drilling.

Today, "the door Gantenbrink" - the actual mystery of the pyramid of Cheops. About what is behind it, built a variety of assumptions, starting from the tomb of Cheops mother, which holds countless treasures, and ending with a hangar, which left its construction machinery aliens. In any case, it is clear that tourists will start up there is still very, very long time.


In 2002 Gantenbrink still has permission to run the mine new robot. All was arranged as a sensational study live. The robot drilled a hole in the door, put the camera in it ... and found a small cavity and a new door to enter for which it is currently not possible.

Keep in mind: the history of development

820 year. Caliph al-Ma'mun commands to punch a hole in the pyramid. He finds a gallery leading to the disguised entrance, and two empty tomb.

1763. British Consul Nathaniel Davison found in the wall of the main aisle of the grotto filled with droppings of bats. Tying face with a handkerchief, he climbs into it and discovers the tomb of Pharaoh cavity with drawings.

1859. Mathematician and astronomer John Taylor came to the conclusion that the size of the pyramid of Cheops encrypted amazing scientific discoveries of the ancient Egyptians.

3. Area 51

The most secret American aviapoligon, where it is said: a) store the remains of a flying saucer crashed in Roswell; b) shooting Americans on the moon; c) languishing in the vaults of living aliens.

Location -USA in southern Nevada, near the dry lake Groom

Nearest town -Alamo

At the end of the 50s over a wide area near the lake Grum, 1967 appearing in the CIA as "Area 51", became strange things happen. Its perimeter is fenced with barbed wire, behind which began feverish activity. And then the locals began to notice over the lake very strange objects. They were like a silver saucer, sneaked into the morning sky at an incredible rate.

In general, people in America had already been thoroughly versed about flying dishes. In 1947, the country had spread the news about the Roswell incident: a farmer from New Mexico found near his ranch that military hastily called high-altitude weather balloon remains, though, if you believe at least half of the story of the farmer, it was a genuine flying saucer with humanoids inside. Naturally, the residents of Nevada immediately decided that Roswell discovery military dragged them, copied and now fly for fun. To deny these rumors no one. Authorities simply silent. Even now there is no official version about the fact that is located in Zone 51. The US government does not respond to any requests and only in the course of lawsuits vaguely recognizes that Groom Lake is located near the landfill BBC. However, it is obvious that in a square 37 by 40 kilometers above the lake is strictly prohibited span of any aircraft under threat of immediate shot down. Journalists also managed to unearth the fact that at Area 51 were tested first spy plane U-2, and then supersonic aircraft A-12 (which, by the way, below is a bit like a saucer).

And yet most fans Zone 51 believe that the most wonderful spy planes are not worth the secrecy that the US government supports around Lake Groom. For example, in 2006 the historian Dwayne Day published an anonymous note to CIA, which in 1974 scolded American astronauts because they still photographed "object 51", although they had strict instructions not in any way to remove it is not his . Of course, since then, it took more than 30 years, and today the Groom Lake imagery from space can easily be found online. Yet Area 51 is still guarded the perimeter camouflaged people with an M-16, and on the website seriously collect photo collection the legendary "White Bus" that every morning and evening brings designers of flying saucers to work.


By the way, the local government is very cleverly used the hype around the lake Groom. The road to it was officially named the "Extraterrestrial Highway", and had built around the hotel like "The little alien».

Keep in mind: Leak '89

In 1989, American physicist Bob Lazar gave a sensational interview: "A year ago I headed the physics laboratory, located in the territory of the military air base in Central Nevada Nellis, in the region known under the codename S-4. Area S-4 is located approximately 15 miles south of the notorious landfill under 51 Groom Lake. The main purpose of the base Nellis - alien propulsion systems research aircraft, which were at the disposal of the US Air Force under secret circumstances. We were trying to restore the system startup antigravity field ».

"The Times Reporters soon discovered that the universities who" graduated "Lazar, his name does not appear in the list of graduates. None other than the machinations of the aliens ».

4. North Sentinel Island

The last island in the world, inhabited by primitive people.

Location -k Andamanovyh west of the islands in the Bay of Bengal

The nearest town - Herbertabad

Formally, North Sentinel Island is under Indian jurisdiction (along with Andamanovymi islands). But in fact it is probably the most independent territory on the planet - for the reason that its inhabitants are unaware (and do not want to suspect) everything else the world. Tribe Sentinelese people considered the last of the primitive peoples that were not addressed by civilization.

The thing is that initially the island was located on the outskirts of trade routes (in general, on the island's convict Andamanovy) and no one had little to do with his conquest. The more that local people on sight passing ships immediately began to attack them. In general, with the savages decided not to get involved. In the 60s of XX century, when all the other primitive tribes have been thoroughly studied, and then integrated into a civilization hands anthropologists finally trickled down to Sentinelese people. The island was sent to the boat with gifts, full of optimistic scientists and photographers. As one would expect, as soon as the boat was on the bowshot, as was immediately attacked. Scientists is not confused. Under a hail of arrows, they swam to the shore, left on him gifts (pig doll, coconuts, metal utensils and a few plastic buckets) and retired with dignity.

Gifts were greeted with cautious curiosity. Pig doll and immediately buried, red buckets and metal utensils taken with obvious delight, and the green bucket rejected with contempt. However, these gifts are not positioned natives to donors. The next time they met again scientists hail of arrows, some members of the tribe (probably from a special contempt) began to copulate with their women right in front of anthropologists. The spectacle was certainly very informative, but scientists then still decided to leave Sentinelese people alone.

Since the 90s among anthropologists began to cultivate a respect for the primitive peoples (in the end, the majority of them were only memories), and North Sentinel Island finally declared a closed territory. Now the manners and customs of the local population is observed only by helicopter. Therefore, to this day no one know any number of people sentinelskogo nor his language nor culture.

In the event of increased interest on the part of adventurers and arrows on his ass Government of India has provided in the waters of the island of the coast guard. That is, if you can even get close to the island, you will be arrested, fined and sent home. It seems Sentinelese people still managed to defend its independence from the tourists.

The incident

In 2006, in the vicinity of the island there was a boat poaching. She began to ruthlessly deprived of their legitimate savages fish, after which naturally was attacked. Two fishermen, who are likely not even aware of the risks they face, were killed. Their bodies have tried to evacuate by helicopter, but a hail of arrows he could not even sit down. Skeletons fishermen (slightly prikopalis for the sake of sand, but clearly visible) still turn white on the banks of the edification of all poachers and curious.

Keep in mind: Uncontacted peoples

However, some white spots on the map of the world's people still remain. On the globe there are more than hundreds of so-called non-contact peoples, that is, the tribes who still live a primitive life, refusing contact with civilization. Most of them lives on the border of Brazil and Bolivia in the jungle (by the way, there was filmed the famous photo of targets for helicopter savages). Some also found in New Guinea. Government finances in these countries a national program that protects savages from tourists - mainly because most of the primitive tribes have no immunity to the disease, which had been ill humanity in its history, and they are dying corny shortly after the first shake hands white.

5. Menwith Hill

The driest place on Earth - Antarctica sand dunes. Here is a polygon rovers.

Location - United Kingdom, North Yorkshire

The nearest town point- Harrogate

From the air, this thing looks like a pastoral green field dotted with huge white eggs. This spherical Kevlar protective caps on sensitive satellite dishes. Officially field station F-83 engaged in providing communications in the RAF and the USAF. Unofficially, it decrypts the bearing and a huge amount of information transmitted over commercial satellites around the world.

In fact, the base Menwith Hill was founded in 1954 by Americans. It was the height of the Cold War. Naturally, the big communications base in such close proximity to the Soviet Union almost immediately recorded in espionage. And soon it correlated with similar (but smaller size) objects in other capitalist countries. Thus was born the version of the global project "Echelon" - a worldwide network of satellite dishes, bearing Soviet negotiations. Again, there is nothing surprising in the fact that neither British nor American authorities have not confirmed nor denied this assumption.

It is known that the base Menwith Hill has always been one of the most technically advanced facilities in the UK (for example, there is almost the first to receive first computer IBM). Currently at the base about 25 satellite terminals and about 20 square kilometers premises stuffed complex technology. Perhaps this is the most closed in the UK.

Additional information

On the F-28 has about 1,400 engineers, physicists, linguists, mathematicians, computer scientists and 370 staff of the Ministry of Defence. Thus, the state of the provincial communication station is half of the MI-5 - the state security service of the British Empire.

Keep in mind: The "Echelon»

In 1947, the United States and Britain signed an agreement UKUSA, in which they combined their forces in Radioespionage.


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