How to grow daffodil - 40 rules

This instruction is not 50, but only 40 points. But this should not mislead you - to raise the alarm and jerked the baby much easier. And, here that your child has grown "a successful and outstanding" should make the effort per effort and patience. In addition, much of the following are you will want to show by example.

1. Do not listen to anybody - you love your child and think that he is special and the most amazing in the world

. It's just all sorts of home-grown psychologists and nedopsihoterapevty that do nothing in this life is not achieved, teach others how to live. Constantly taldychat something about alienation from himself, emotional numbness and an inner emptiness plugging insatiable pursuit of goods. They call neurosis, what it is not - strong confidence narcissism, the ability to not give yourself offense - despotism and vengeance. They just never bought a new Porsche Cayenne and carried by hand on a light soft leather upholstery. Or do not dream about it. Therefore, nothing in life do not understand.

2. As soon as this happens, everyone should know that you have born the heir of your beauty, intelligence and talent.

Receptacle all your ambitions. From the first day he makes a brilliant and beautiful. He is charming and even cocoa king. "By the way, confirming photo. And here's another. And another album. »

3. Treat the child as an innate genius, handsome, sportsman, artists, politicians, conqueror of hearts.

He was elected and unique - there is no doubt. It may not be the same in these exceptional parents born normal and ordinary child.

4. Let your child lives in an atmosphere of forgiveness, and indulging the whims of admiration.

Remember the childhood of the child one. But, it has yet to sip undeserved grief in this heartless world, which is not appreciated by the true perfection of what it is.

5. Prevent the slightest of his desire.

Let it not time that any wish. After all, he is still a small chance and might want something unworthy and unnecessary. He does not understand what he wants - it should choose what you want. And what better for him, it is known only to you. After all, "vyzhemat».

6. Your child must be a lot of toys, clothing, food, entertainment approval.

So much so that it has ceased to experience the joy of what he has. This will be an incentive for its growth. This - the path to success in his life. Let the joy of looking at even more things, praise, attention and awards.

7. Tales of a Bun, Chicken Ryaba and Ivan the Fool - not for your child

. From early childhood, you have to read him fairy tales about kings and queens, princes and princesses. It will develop in him a fantasy of his majesty, grandeur and superiority. And in the future will take a high place in society. After all, thoughts, as we know, are material.

8. Hurry to help your child, even when he can handle himself.

The results of "his" Labour is proud to bring their friends. Make them, albeit not sincerely admire with you. After all the praise - it's the best motivation. And, on the other hand, your royal scion must not learn to do anything himself - he should be able to find people who will do everything for him

. 9. He must learn to give you orders and indulge in anger, if at least something will be denied.

Learn to say "hey, I want to", "bring", "you make me besish", "leave me alone, stupid", "I hate you" and throw in you, came to hand items. After all, the child must not be clamped, and should be able to throw out the unnecessary emotions. So even doctors advise.

10. Agree with your family and at least twice a week to arrange a showdown scene in the presence of a child.

Reconciled only when all the insults and expressed all the emotions to be expressed. Call each other, shame, threaten and blackmail. The winner is the one who said the last word. And the loser must fulfill every whim won. Your child should learn from childhood to despise losers, wimps and sensitive nurses.

11. At the same time, he should be able to take revenge, and remember.

Children still weak memory, so help him to keep a diary, which he will record all their grievances and others' mistakes and weaknesses. He must know that the dispute - is not a search for truth, as always - asking who is boss. So be ready.

12. Install in the family fun cult of force.

Let him know that to beat the other - it's fun. As a joke, use force to resolve domestic conflicts. Word-mates: "I love train", "and that does hurt," "came by itself", "what did you do to me." At the same time, if your joke was not understood, give full force and already really. Say: "He brought me", "quite a moron", "humor does not understand»

. 13. Cultivate in your child's health corevnovatelnost and desire to win at any cost.

No matter in what way. Cunning, deception, pressure, hysteria - in any, even unknown to him the games, he always wins at once. Talent - do not say anything

. 14. Mock and punish your child for any manifestations of mediocrity.

Word-mates, if he came to you with his usual childish problems: "I, too, an event", "a penny is not worth it", "well, I do not know", "I have your worries", "I'm not up nonsense." All he does is to be great. It is better to focus on trying to beat others to not look in the eyes of their insignificance.

15. Setting your child should be as perfect as himself.

Pick up his friends and teach him to choose the correct and necessary. Let friends only with the children of "high status and the selected circle." At the same time, explain that friends should quickly turn into enemies, if they do not appreciate the advantages of your child. "He's not in the trash found themselves».

16. At the same time, remember to have your child appeared as a more favorable light, he needed the right background

. Let it will have few friends, nonentities. But do not close. No. After all, they can be infected luzerstva. They should simply be useful - homework, borrow money, to disrupt a bad mood, boasting success. Let your child from early childhood to learn to influence others, misleading them about its significance in their lives. It will develop in him a healthy optimism - "suckers do not mammoths - not die»

. 17. Teach your child how to represent a complete misunderstanding of what they want.

Him Practice in front of a mirror to make veal empty eyes. This will help him in the future in time to go to work, and not to stay there late for some unknown reason. For its success to be achieved at the expense of all foreign forces and any foreign victims.

18. It must be remembered that the right to criticize are the only ones who do not make mistakes.

To do this, you need to do less and steer clear of mishaps and failures, graciously giving them advice. In case of a win - everything was under his leadership

. 19. Are you new to the education of successful child and still doubt that the meaning of life lies in the pursuit of power, wealth, or demonstration of exclusivity?

Motivate yourself by what you do not find happiness is to be kind and compliant conformist, vegetate in poverty and obscurity. It is important to make it clear to your child that better, more successful, more beautiful, more intelligent, healthier - it is an end in itself, not a means or an instrument for achieving some other results. After all, they simply do not.

20. Teach your child to do the right selfie, take a beautiful pose, turn your head in the three-quarters and seductive dakfeysu.

Celebrate with him the day he got himself Account instagrame.

21. By chance, but firmly tell your child how much false, deceitful and hypocritical people around you - your relatives, friends and acquaintances

. He does not believe in the sincerity of their feelings and intentions, let alone sympathize with them. And, not to be trapped and not be deceived let them learn to pretend better - wins on their own field

. 22. Therefore, useless, weak, lying hypocrites worthy operation.

"So the world works - nothing personal and Take IT Easy." If you yourself down before having to be weak - deceive you do not sin. To do this, you can blackmail the resentment, anger, pride, his own suffering, weakness, love, hysteria, lack of access, lack of understanding, bang their heads, blame, hang tags, cajole and provoke. Word-helpers "who they all are," "if it were possible - they would do the same»

. 23. Your child must be the first in the kindergarten and in the classroom.

If he can not become the first in their performance, then teach him to deal with all the honors and who "builds himself does not understand who" so that they were intimidated and humiliated. Teach him your favorite teaser and obzyvalkam and let him learn how to make objective assessments of others, "this one - fat", "one - freak," "ta - idiot»

. 24. It is important to remember and show your child that honest people are always easy to tell the truth.

Only hypocrites pretended polite and shy. At a meeting with their friends tell them immediately: "You look bad", "thin", "stout", "some sad, pale, tired." Who else but you - their best friend should tell them about the important things that they may not yet know

. 25. Spend a little test: let your child call his friend on his birthday

. Pass if a thirtieth of a second call your child for half an hour will be talking only about myself. Now you can rest easy - he knows his true value

. 26. At the same time, develop his intelligence and insight.

Do mysteriously indulgent face and even when it does not know (and especially - when you do not know this), say, "I do know how to do it, get, get, and you can guess whether you»

. 27. Teach the child the basics of teamwork and team spirit.

Openly or indirectly discount the successes and achievements of the other children. Attribute them to your child.

28. In any conflict situation stand on the side of your child.

He should not grow terpily let you learn to express doubt, anxiety, vulnerability through violent aggression. He should develop harmoniously and naturally.

29. At the same time that allowed great to be punished at the unworthy.

Any mistake at the other child must be inflated to a catastrophic disgrace. Let him know who to contact.

30. If your child still resists capricious and does not want to go with you to success - let see how satisfied are you when victorious in the dispute, not allowing the opponent to insert a single word

. Let understand that I must accept your standards, otherwise you will not leave him alone. At the same time, it will teach him to achieve the desired from the other.

31. If he was unlucky and it is not a direct descendant of a noble family, or the offspring of famous parents (well, it would be like oh by the way!) Often refer to mythical wisdom and experience of the ancient ancestors -. What some Veps or Aryans
< br> This will add a compelling argument for the implementation of your world in a child's head.

32. Develop a healthy child altruism.

Let him be generous, making gifts, charms and surprises. After all, he will always need someone's resources, time and attention. And we must be able to "buy" his new victims. For insurance teach him moan - the most repulsive voice pull "Well, shake-a-aluysta" "Well, I'm on-and-ADO»

. 33. He must learn to look in the eyes of other indispensable.

Show how to conceal their true feelings and express only what they expect to see more. Let learn how to convince others that they have chosen a "quality product". Word-mates: "Yes, no question," "I think so too," "make," "yes, no problem", "ka-a-anechno»

. 34. Explain to your child the meaning of the saying, "Be easy, and people to reach for you».

After all, people hypnotized simple solutions and unambiguous labels. The best way to show that you "know life" and you can trust - this is without doubt or hesitation to share all the events and people on the extremely important and not deserving of attention anyone. Let the wonder and guess.

35. Teach your child to be perfect in any business.

It is perfect not the one who did it right, and one to whom not undermine. Word-mates, "meant well", "mean more" "and you did not tell me", "it is he, not I," "I was forced to", "in the instructions that do not have", "I just broke "" this is not me, but on the contrary you promised me "," did not know what it is so important "," it is pointless talk, "with such as you do not have to talk." After all, the ability to recognize their shortcomings and errors do not lead to the ability to learn, and just makes the person a jerk.

36. Let it grow cautious and know that the best tactic to avoid disgrace, unworthy of a great man -. At different times to give different assessments to the same

To the right time, by selecting the appropriate option, solemnly say "I told you».

37. Explain to your child that no matter how immoral actions were not his, but from the moral point of view, they need to be flawless.

Word-mates' and I said this "," no offense "," everybody does it "," let's see sensibly "," and who is now easy »

. 38. Get rid of all your moles mediocrity child must learn to eradicate them in others.

Remember, someone else stupid toxic and imperfection - decomposes. Word-helpers "such as I deserve more", "I'm disappointed in you", "who are you want," "I'm ashamed of you»

. 39. All the weaknesses and fatally flawed your child must be romanticized to the point where they become virtues.

40. If, in the end, the resources in the form of wealth, fame and the particular situation will be other people, not in your child, then - you bad job

. But do not rule out someone's plot, a strange coincidence or a ridiculous accident. In any case, your child needs to know that others reject, criticize, do not take it for what it is, simply because it is beyond their understanding or they envy him. Do not they try him, and he - them.


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