The most unusual tribes that you can visit tourist

If You are tired of stuffy city, the Internet and technological progress, can during the upcoming holidays to meet people who do not know words such as "Internet" and "iPhone".
        Suri in Ethiopia
These tribes, despite the friendliness to tourists, the canines are tough. They have initiation rites which modern man can seem pretty wild. For example, during local festivals happen often bloody fights between males, which often end in death.

Twenty seven million twenty four thousand four hundred eighty seven

        The datooga (Barabaig) in Tanzania
It's probably one of those tribes that you just will not offend the locals. They are just the epitome of kindness and hospitality. Quite a lot of travelers are faced with a situation where the chief of the tribe offered them their women – a sign of the incredible location and hospitality.

Ninety nine million eight hundred twenty eight thousand eighty eight

        The Maasai in Kenya
These tribes due to its popularity in popular culture (about which made a few films) are among the most studied and available for tourist groups. Despite the constant attention from media and tourists they have kept their primitive way.

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