Modern Maasai

Masai - one of the most important for the Kenyan people.
The semi-nomadic tribes are proud of the ancient customs and traditions.
In the center of life of the people it is cattle, which is the main source of income and livelihood.

Due to changes in climate due to global warming and the loss of territories as a result of the growth of parks for safaris, many Maasai are forced to use modern technology and changing lifestyles. But traditions remain unchanged. The mobile phone is now - an integral part of their lives, as well as work in the cities in positions of waiters, security guards, drivers and guides across Kenya. Despite the need to adapt to modern times, the Masai are still one of the most respected East African nations and do not lose color and identity.

1. Librarian. (RubénSalgadoEscudero)

2. Some Maasai use transfers by mobile phone to do business, or to send money to the families. (RubénSalgadoEscudero)

3. Herders use mobile phones for transactions for the sale of livestock. Also during the drought on the mobile can be found in any area where there is water and maintain the herd. (RubénSalgadoEscudero)

4. Globalization has affected even the most conservative representatives of the people - in the settlements widespread Western goods like "Coca-Cola». (RubénSalgadoEscudero)


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