Case in Masai Mara

Photographer Paul Goldstein animalists fortunate enough to witness a confrontation between a hungry lioness and wildebeest, which reversed.

© Paul Goldstein / Exodus Travels

1. It was in the Masai Mara, Kenya.

2. "It is often the small fry, production deserves our attention, not predators, - says the photographer. - Wounded and abandoned, this wildebeest standing in a smelly pond, which was her only respite in the attack of three young lions. "

3. "Finally, when hunger overcame the fear of water, a young lioness decided ...»

4. "The death blow was inevitable ...»

5. "But after a few seconds lioness ran away from the hoof, which it surpassed in size almost tripled. With bloody wounds from previous injuries, this wildebeest gathered last will in a fist to show predators that she still did not give up. As a result, young wildebeest managed to scare off a lioness and reunite with his flock. "

6. "This heroic act seemed happy all the" herbivorous "part of the savanna."

7. Photos confrontation lioness and wildebeest were taken in the Masai Mara Reserve. Photographer Paul Goldstein spends holidays, he also loves to travel the Antarctic, the Arctic and India.

8. Just a few other photos of Paul

9. A cheetah with five cubs.

10. Lioness with cub.

11. King penguins

12. Pingvinyata.

13. White bear with two cubs in Svalbard, Svalbard, Norway.

14. Three polar bears in the icy waters.

15. Polar bears on ice island

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