Older sister Rooney Mara

How to start a story about Kate? Let's start with the fact that Kate - older sister Rooney Mara.

While on the Rooney speak and write more than about Kate, but it seems to me that variable. But all the time - it's her talent as an actress. Although, if we are to be absolutely crucial, and that talent is not enough yet. Kate - more a serial actress. To see it in a really big project can only be on the sidelines.

The only memorable event for me personally - is the role of Kate in the movie "Shooter" where she starred with Mark Wahlberg.

The image of Kate incredibly simple - red hair and brown eyes that look too dark on the background of her pale freckled skin. All together in a mixed -That one chestnut stain. But then, as they say, thank you Irish roots ...

A lover of hats - Kate Mara.

Looking at Kate, you could decide what it is - a relative of Amy Adams. So girls alike. Although, if you look from a different angle - that Kate - a copy of our Kira Plastinina. Or Cyrus - a copy of Kate.

But look at her still nice. Touching, fragile in appearance, but is resistant tin soldier, Kate Mara, deserves to talk about it. At least occasionally.

Kate get-togethers with colleagues:

And just - Kate Mara. Itself.


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