10 most stylish star of images of the 2012 version of Marie Claire

10th place - Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr, this year proclaimed «The goddess of the street style», a very part of the world in the weekly rankings of the best images on the version of «Marie Claire», it is reasonable that a place in the final top ten were reserved for her a long time ago. Let this place is not the first, not the second, or even third, and last, the tenth, which is a lasting impression on us its owner! Miranda beautiful figure, gorgeous hair, a charming smile, a wonderful style and, of course, exemplary family. Admire - do not want. So, summing up I would say that Miranda dress Victoria Beckham is not "scratched" this place, and rightfully deserved.

9 place - Rooney Mara

I confess that for "Oscar" I'm all arms and legs were just for Rooney. In its category, it could not win, but her image has become one of the most memorable on the large-scale event. "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" has appeared in a white dress from Givenchy Couture 2009 collection and for some reason reminded me of a small and defenseless "little sparrow" Edith Piaf (comparison a bit incorrect, but still).

8 place - Kate Bosworth

At the party after the "Oscar" featuring the complete opposite of Rooney in the day - Kate Bosworth. The blonde in a dark shiny dress Prabal Gurung is very organic. Complete absence of ornaments, which often becomes fatal and makes way incomplete, then on the other hand looks great.

7th place - Kate Middleton

Manicured coupled with good external data and exquisite sense of style and Kate Middleton becomes the living embodiment of grace, charm and attractiveness. I think Prince William is proud of his wife, who with dignity and honor bears his title. Kate - it's not any arrogant Kral, who became Duchess, and a real woman with a good heart and a pure heart. Best Middleton dress this year was recognized as the creation of Roland Mouret.

6th place - Carey Mulligan

"Goldfish" in Prada in the sixth position. This image has caused a lot of conflicting reviews, but «Marie Claire» found him brilliant in the literal and figurative sense of the word.

5th place - Marion Cotillard

The pretty French knew at the premiere of the film "The Dark Knight Rises," it needs to be fully prepared, because in her eyes were fixed not only the residents of London, but also in other cities and even countries (the premiere was broadcast online). Ultimately Marion appeared in the original dress Christian Dior. Attire emphasized a slender silhouette of the actress, and vivid details refreshed image.

4th place - Gwen Stefani

For 43 years, a very bold way, but Gwen can afford it. The Stella McCartney ensemble singer appeared on one of the secular parties.

3rd place - Emma Stone

Like a porcelain doll Emma Stone in a white dress with interesting pink accents from Chanel appeared before the cameras at the premiere of the film "The Amazing Spider-Man." The only thing I do not like the onion, so it is a strange style.

2nd place - Diane Kruger

For the original approach to the choice of attire Diana was awarded the second line rating. The combination of Crosby Derek Lam stands out for its vivid colors and prints.

1st place - Gwyneth Paltrow

Designer dress with a cape by Tom Ford made a splash at last nastoyschiya ceremony "Oscar", and Gwyneth Paltrow, who has put it, became the most stylish woman of the year by the magazine «People». It is true? Sure. Although I know that many of the style of the actress seems too boring, regular and commonplace, but in fact it is not 20 to amaze us each time (but J. Lo in this regard is still kept a stiff upper lip).


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