presentation of Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Awards 2012

The ceremony of awarding Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Awards 2012, where traditionally pay tribute to the women in the movie, continues a series of summer social events. The ceremony was held for the first time in 1977 and it can be divided into three major awards - Crystal Award, honors actresses, Lucy Award, designed for talented women in the field of TV, and the reward Max Mara «Face the Future", which usually note the activities of young actresses. About the victor and the best along with the ceremony read under the cut.

Crystal + Lucy Awards - one of those ceremonies, dress code which allows the celebrity guests to do without ball gowns, and shine on the red carpet in a more relaxed way. Jenna Dewan, for example, has chosen for the event silk jumpsuit Max Mara. Outfit interesting green harmony with the color of eyes, Mrs. Channing Tatum and was flavored with subtle color bracelets and gold clutch reptile. Unfortunately, we do not see Jenna's shoes, but without them the image turned out beautiful.

As the main sponsor and organizer of the ceremony was brand Max Mara, most of the star guests were dressed in outfits of the brand. Christina Applegate has chosen for the ceremony midi-length red dress with V-neckline and peplum. Dress the actress looked great, but I'd like to see something more interesting instead of black boats and black clutch in her accessories. Of course, Red + Black = classic combination, but sometimes it looks boring. But Chris hairstyle was a hundred - fanciful braiding - hair style for all occasions.

On the red carpet this stellar event lit and our compatriot Svetlana Hodchenkova, who recently starred in the Hollywood movie "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy." In the world was a classic black dress on the floor with transparent insert on the bodice and hair in large curls to one side. The actress looked good, but about its image can only say one thing - I saw it and forget it.

Followed by Svetlana on the red carpet woman came legend Meryl Streep. Images of actress always fairly discreet and elegant, confirmation of this was the dress color powder from Max Mara, decorated with black satin sash at the waist. On the whole outfit looks Meryl fine, but I would have done something with her hair, hairstyle - this is not just a finishing touch, but also a status indicator.

Meryl with peers Viola Davis. By the way, Viola became the happy owner of award Crystal Award, which once again confirms the outstanding acting talent this woman. Viola appeared at the ceremony in a black bustier dress with a playful silk bow at the waist. I would like to see the actress in something more summer and fresh, but this option though black dress, but it was not boring.

Another winner, this time in the category Lucy Award, TV-worker Bonnie Hammer. I think that most of us see this woman for the first time, but we are familiar with. Bonnie was a pale pink lace dress case, supplemented satin sharp-nosed shoes and jewelry. In my opinion, it is also very elegant, feminine and fresh image for the middle-aged ladies.

Actress Julie Benz personally familiar to me on the TV series "Desperate Housewives," but I know that she also participated in other television projects. On the red carpet I was always attracted her radiance and openness, and, of course, its beautiful appearance (Julie for 40 years), but this time I really like and her outfit. The actress was golden asymmetrical cocktail dress with an ornament in the form of a number of gold necklaces and accessories. Except for the bright pink nail polish, which destroys all the gold theme attire, the image looks fine.

Chloe Moretz once again picked an outfit "for his age." In my opinion, a black silk dress Max Mara does not paint the young actress, also considering the fact that this style does not suit her figure, which does not have a waist. Perhaps the waist of the girl still appear, but it does not detract from the fact that the dress is not the best, but the accessories in the form of ribbons in her hair and braided sandals very much.

Despite the fact that the image of Chloe did not come to my taste, the actress became the heroine of this ceremony - a brand Max Mara called it "Facing the Future." In honor of this event took place even loud party at which all participants congratulated Chloe with the award. By the way, before the "Face of the future" according to Max Mara became Katie Holmes, Emily Blunt, Ginnifer Goodwin, Elizabeth Banks and Zoe Saldana.

Naturally, the choice for the party was Chloe dress Max Mara. Here's a more suitable dress a girl of 15 years - a cheerful and summery bright. Excellent choice!

Recently, Nina Dobrev delight us with their bows carpet, but they were all elegant evening dress, but with the daily images of the actress are not so lucky. I do not like that put on her Nina this time ... well, except for the blue clutch. I would still could digest white ensemble of chiffon blouses and skirts, but not with these shoes - they do not fit into the image.

Actress Jennifer Morrison in the coral bustier dress with light fabrics. Jen outfit looks very simple, no frills, but at the expense of saturated color looks very impressive.

Very gentle way showed us the actress Maggie Grace. She wore a light chiffon dress made of several layers, personally reminds me of flower petals. This outfit requires even more easy styling - I would have replaced the shoes elegant sandals, and a large clutch, which is against the background of air dresses more like a suitcase, an even smaller version of it.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead has pleased us with a beautiful combination of colors - pale yellow dress and bright pink clutch. The rest of the onions and looks good, but I was lead to confusion shoes with floral print - the image fit perfectly, but as a separate instance do not cause sympathy.

Olivia Munn has become my favorite of the party expressly Max Mara, and all thanks to her very bright appearance, with which even the most simple dress looks great. Cherry hue dress is very actress, and gold accessories, and in particular sandals with aggressive spikes give the image of spice and originality.

Again Svetlana Hodchenkova on the red carpet. The actress opted for a quiet classic color, so the image turned out boring. The situation could have saved, for example, red nail polish, which would give it the brightness and completeness.


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