Unforgettable images

It's about world cinema films, certain scenes that after viewing will not be able to forget, and when re-watching the hand will reach squander episode.

1. Reservoir Dogs (1991)
Directed by Quentin Tarantino

Cult film by the acclaimed master of Jolly dialogues and bloody scenes Tarantino.
The film is the story of a robbery that went wrong. Most of the associates do not know the real names of each other, so they are forced to turn to each other on the color name that came up with the organizer for each robbery.
Events are moving so that Mr. Blonde, Unwind before a decent time, remains in a room alone with a cop, whom he captured during a robbery. So he turns on the radio, is heard relaxing «Stuck In The Middle With You» Stealers Wheel, and he begins to dance the dance of death with a razor in his hand. Well, and then you know, blood, cut off his ear, a canister of gasoline, and the appearance of Mr. Orange ...

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2. Thieves in Law (1988)
Directed by Yuri Kara

Soviet history of enmity between the two groups, which are then dashing 90th will be referred to OPG. In the center of the picture a girl Rita, who wants in this life "to try everything." But we are not interested in it.
In the course of the story occurs when the Hmayak Hakobyan, playing a gangster, is handcuffed in the garage, which is also zavedёnny car. The room is rapidly declining oxygen content, so Mr. Akhal-Mahalayu to choose: either to die right now, or take a hacksaw on wood and sawed off his arm to escape. Hakobyan chooses the second option, his cries of pain you will never forget.

3. In the name of justice (1991)
Directed by John Flynn

Steven Seagal in his characteristic manner of bad guys in the shreds sliced ​​lettuce. Especially the poor thing gets one who blows the leg Segal exact hit of the shotgun.

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4. The Prophet (2009)
Directed by Jacques Audiard

A young guy in 19 years goes to prison and learns the hard way all her "charms". The leader of one of the factions gives him an assignment to kill a man, otherwise they will kill him.
In front of the murder we will see terrible for naturalistic scene of how the boy sitting with a hidden blade in his mouth, and his lips began to ooze blood ...

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5. Boomer. The second film (2006)
Directed by Peter Buslov

Dimon pulls out of the prison of his old friend the cat. They sit in Boomer. The conversation is not glued, and Côte leaves. Dimon wants to catch up with the Cat wants to try it one more time to explain everything, but then notices that the Cat "graze» ...
Terrible in this film is not the moment when the hero Andrew Merzlikina breaks face assassin tucked under the arm brick:

and time of the conversation between two people in uniform who, under the brandy with lemon decide who can still live and who have everything running back ...

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6. Oldboy (2003)
Directed by Park Chan-wook

Oh Dae-Su never was the man who made cite as an example, but a crime he did not commit. So why put him in the fucking room with a TV and kept for several years now, not letting out? ..
South Korean film director richly flavored with all sorts of violent scenes. That there is one eating live octopus:

or cutting with scissors Language:

I personally think the most brutal scene in which clear about Dae Su pulls teeth hammer host prison, br-rr!

7. The Ballad of Narayama (1983)
Director Shohei Imamura

At the heart of the picture - the story of a Japanese village. Food sorely lacking, so people have to go to extreme measures: the best times to refuse to have children, and elderly (count extra mouths) to the achievement of a certain age should be raised to the top of Mount Narayama and left there to inevitable destruction.
Orin - a typical representative of this village "retirement age". She reveres the traditions of family and asks him to take her to the top of the mountain. The son loves his mother and says she does even not old, but a strong hard-working woman, without which the farm they can not do.

An additional argument leads strong teeth son Orin. That same night, the old woman breaks them secretly on the edge of a stone well ...

8. American History X (1998)
Directed by Tony Kaye

Hero Edward Norton - hardcore skinhead. He believes in the greatness of the white race and hates representatives of another color, especially blacks. Him around trying to imitate the younger brother (Edward Furlong).
Oh, what were denёchki! Norton has not yet suffers from insomnia and has no split personality, and Furlong few years ago was able to prevent the apocalypse planetary scale)

One sultry night trying to steal a car Norton, but the younger brother of alert and cut in alyarmu. Car thief to come immediately: it is just a nigger ... 9. Saving Private Ryan (1998)
Directed by Steven Spielberg

The Second World War. The picture does not skimp on stsenay cruelty and violence, starting with the landing of American troops, mortally wounded by a sniper Vin Diesel, crying out to her mother Giovanni Ribisi and ending with a bullet in the insidious Captain Miller, put into a German, which he himself and let (America! America! God shed his grace on thee ...). In war as in war.
But one scene sharp thorn stuck in my memory, and does not go away. Wheezing soldiers wounded in the neck, behind the wall hiding Corporal Aphem and German attack aircraft enters smoothly knife into the chest of a soldier who wants to live so ...

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