Dominican Republic - the best place to stay

Start this publication like to admiring words of Christopher Columbus, who landed on the shores of the Dominican Republic in 1492, on this point, he said: "Oh, this is really a wonderful land that was lucky enough to see a man!».

And he was right! Beauty of local landscapes surprises everyone, everyone who is this beauty, begins to think that he is in heaven: deep caves, beautiful tropical forests, magnificent waterfalls, gentle ocean waters and surprisingly clean beaches - is not possible to convey in words. It's a beautiful sight!

It must be said that the Dominican Republic is famous not only exotic nature, are waiting for an unforgettable tourist tours, hot show, diving, golf, dancing, tennis and much more.

Let's start with the location ...

Dominican Republic - a state that occupies 2/3 of the island of Haiti, which is part of the Antilles archipelago. On the eastern part of the Dominican Republic bordering the Strait of Mona, located in the west of well-known island of Hispaniola, in the north is a place decorated with the Atlantic Ocean and the southern side of the Dominican Republic is under the "protection" of the Caribbean.

In addition to Haiti, as part of the Dominican Republic is also a small group of smaller islands, the largest of which are Cayo Levantado, Beata and Saona.

With regard to the Dominican climate, it is a rain - a relatively wet, but it can safely be called a gentle and friendly. The most "cold" time to the period January-March - the day the temperature is + 28-30 C, and at night - + 20-22 C. The hottest time is in August, the temperature reaches +32 C. The phenomenon of rain here observed often enough, but even in the "rainy season", which falls on August / September and May / June, it all comes down to the short little rain to refresh a bit incredible beauty either at night or in the evening, the same day, the rains are rare.

In terms of entertainment there is everything! You can head to sink into an unforgettable excursion to the beautiful waterfalls, visit an awesome amusement park called Imagine. Incidentally, the Dominican discos and beach are the "DJ" from around the world ...

Fabulous Dominican Republic is ready to offer his guest a myriad of tours and each of them is unique and unforgettable. Here you can ride on yachts, jeeps, riding, scuba diving, parachuting, get excited about tennis, surfing or golf. Fishing enthusiasts can test their skills by going to the open ocean for a catch.

If you are the fans of cultural holiday, then you definitely need to visit the house-museum of Columbus, in Santo Domingo and in the very first Catholic Church in America, called "St. Mary's Cathedral." You will certainly amaze and even win the National Palace, as well as the architectural ensemble of the area of ​​Culture.

On the territory of the Dominican Republic, there are many historical monuments and beautiful mansions, and they are the cultural heritage of the United States.

All this, of course, surprising and memorable, but all the same basic thing here vlёchet people - natural beauty. Just look at these pictures ... is not it wonderful? But believe me, none of the photo does not give local beauty ... the local water is so pure and sweet that they do not want to leave, and the scenery so beautiful that you just refuse to close my eyes. It's safe to say that the locals live in paradise. Definitely, Dominican Republic - a place that you must visit, and what we want you!


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