25 visually stunning films of recent five years

Cinema - the fruit of the labor decorators, make-up artists, costume designers, colorists, cameramen, directors, writers and actors. Together they are working to ensure that we enjoyed the movie. And sometimes they shoot a movie that is extremely impressive we visually movie where the picture and story comply with and help each other. < Website publishes a selection of films for the past five years.

It h2> A stunning story about the future, solitude and immersion in technology is dressed in warm colors, a minimal but very beautiful light and perfectly lined frames. Visual range emphasizes story and immerses it more deeply.

Yet Loans h2> The story of overcoming prejudices of society, family and loved ones. Xavier Dolan will focus on the actors and dialogue, but the camera carefully and do not obsessively delayed at them, making great shots, emphasizing and reinforcing the impression of the story.

Melancholia h2> The reaction of the people to inevitable catastrophe that will result in the death of the planet. No one will survive, no chance, fight do not fight. The story of two sisters experiencing the inevitable waiting, showed footage from the beauty that heart aches.

The Great Beauty h2> Epic kinosatira on contemporary society and its mores. The film takes place in the summer Rome, which is beautiful in itself and it would be a sin not to use this. Two hours and twenty minutes of breathtaking views and fascinating frames.

Frances Ha h2> The main character lives in New York and works in a dance troupe. She wants out of life and a lot of nothing, but easy, carefree and elegant living the life that she has. The director shot the film in b / w and muted contrast. Footage of this movie look like a good reportage shooting sixties. Pleasure.

Life Adele h2> The slogan of the film "Blue - the warmest color." And the director was able to really show it that way. Color transitions of the film - substrate on which lay down the various stages of relationships and love of his characters. Frames are used not only to attract the audience's attention, but also to transmit the emotions of heroes of history.

Tree of Life h2> The dramatic story of a family told Terrence Malick was not so expressive, if the director is not so focused on style and light. When the shooting of this film has been used very little artificial light. And if the shooting were in the room and the light was not enough, he either endured job to another, a sunny day, or move the scene to another location.

Gravity h2> Before you start to make a film, Alfonso Cuarón carefully worked visualization of all the scenes. To create deep shadows and high contrast as light sources have tried to use the natural light of the sun and the feeling of lack of gravity created constant camera movement in three dimensions. At the exit - a magnificent spectacle and Immersive film.

Weekend h2> Using a hand-held camera movement, the director managed to give the viewer the feeling that he's near, and spying on the characters of the film. He sees very personal moments of relations between the two people. For a more realistic feel in the frame specifically interfere with that part of it was closed. Excellent camera work complemented the strong content of the film.

Mad Max: Fury Road h2> The story of the Mad Max was going to be fascinating on the subject, with chases and villains. But the director has made every effort to help us not only interesting, but also breathtakingly beautiful. Incredible desert, spectacular chases.

Hotel "Grand Budapest» h2> Directed by Wes Anderson is easily recognizable by the illustrative style, incredible color palette, recognizable composition solution of basic frames. And for this film I was used to move to different aspect ratio, for different time periods. And the use of one camera to shoot long strokes. This visual presentation with almost fairy-tale story gave us a great hour and a half.

Crimson Peak h2> Guillermo del Toro has long earned a reputation as a specialist at an incredible visualization of the stories that he takes. From special effects to costumes from the scenery to the setting of the frame on the works of art. Thought out every detail and formed into an image from which it is impossible to look away.

Life of Pi h2> The film - a technical marvel. One of the most beautiful strips in 2012 was made almost entirely with the help of special effects. Gift computer animation, blue screen and mastery Ang Lee.

Helena h2> One of the most beautiful films of 2011 - our film director Andrei Zvyagintsev. Excellent work with light, color, composition frames.

The land of the future h2> stunningly arrayed frames, special effects, designed landscapes of the future attract the eye. More than two hours of aesthetic pleasure about a parallel reality, future and beautiful world in which there is no evil, aging, and people fly to the stars.

Spring Breakers h2> name may seem like a comedy - just to neighing. But in fact, it postmodern crime drama, filmed using different formats, sloumoushena, stroboeffektov.

Stoker (Stoker) h2> Mysterious characters and intricate story highlights the special lighting in the frame. Spot light highlights what should be lit, and leaves dark areas, creating a sense of uncertainty and alarm conditions.

Once darkness light h2> The film is filled with natural beauty shots of the jungle and the sea. But this is a complex drama about mutual reproaches and misunderstandings.

Inside Llewyn Davis h2> All that is at Lewin Davis - his music. Loneliness and emptiness in the life of the musician passed the stunning colors of the film. The colors seemed washed out and dull film. This effect has made the director of special atmospherics tape.

Wizard h2> Remove the tape on the back from the war and joined the creator of religious sailor, the director wanted to bring your picture to the classic cinema. This was done using ordinary film and color 50s.

Ida h2> Experiments with the aesthetics of cinema 50s and 60s also affected this film about a girl who decided to meet with his only relative, before you take vows as a nun. Filmed in black and white, as if the pictures of those times, and it enhances the emotional depth of the film.

Complicated Nico Fischer h2> Nico wanders through the city, experiencing a series of casual dating. Quickly move the camera to help convey complex emotional state of the protagonist. And do not let it get lost among the people, buses, homes. Carefully constructed on the contrast with the city staff permanently withdrawn Nico to the fore.

Admixture h2> The main character undergoes hypnosis macabre, which gives all that she was a thief. A few years later she helped recover. Through the work of the director draws us not only the history of Chris and fascinating color film, its texture, installation.

Pina: Dance of passion in 3D h2> This is a film about a German dancer Pina Bausch. Documentaries can also visually stunning. Directed by Wim Wenders not only took dance Pina, he used the close-ups, compositionally adjusted frames experimented with technology 3D. This film is beautiful not only in dynamics, but each static image.

Only Lovers Left Alive h2> Special reading stories about vampires. Not blood, killing and chilling horror, and the music, love, devotion and enjoyment of beauty. Unity of sets, costumes, guitars and camera work. The film is about vampires can be poetic.

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