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Parents we have admired celebrities, well and now take a look at least close family members and loved stars - brothers and sisters. On our site there were many publications of this type, but it seems to me that many of their relatives and consolidated siblings forgotten. They, of course, is not so well known and popular, but also have the right to be seen ...

Emma Watson and her brother Alex surprised me, because I never for a moment doubted that they were twins. But no, they're just siblings, Emma bit older than Alex - she is 22, and he in turn 19 years old.

Vanessa Hudgens appears frequently in the chronicles of the paparazzi, with this girl, but it is not a girlfriend of the actress and her 15-year-old sister, Stella. I think she's a little older sisters copied the style.

Zoe Saldana and her sister Marielle (I have double vision) :)

Julia Roberts with her sister Lisa and niece of actress Emma Roberts (Emma's mom Lisa and Aunt):

54-year-old actress Sharon Stone in an embrace with her sister Kelly:

Hot Mexicans - Salma Hayek and her brother Sami Hayek:

The family Kellan Lutz six brothers and one sister. At one of the events funny actor posing with one of them ...

Mollie King (right), which actively credited romance with Prince Harry, along with his sister Laura:

British singer Nicola Roberts (right) for a walk with his sister Frankie:

Blue-eyed sister - Michelle Trachtenberg and Irene:

Brad Pitt and Doug Pitt were born in the family model, which is much to the naked eye. Beautiful, stylish, neat man.

Sarah Jessica Parker grew up in a large family. At her mother's first marriage had four children, among them the brother of Sarah Pippin (pictured), and the stepfather of actress had four children from a previous relationship, which eventually gave 8 children in one house, including Sarah Jessica Parker.

Hayden Panettiere and her younger brother Dzhensen, which is also known as an actor:

Jennifer Lopez with her sister Linda:

It seems to me that the sister of Sienna Miller is very similar to Kate Hudson. Do not you find?

But Kate Hudson and his brother Olivier, who in spite of the fact that the actor Kurt Russell is not their biological father, it was his considered his real dad:

On the beach runs not anyone, and his brother Leonardo DiCaprio named Adam:

Smiling Dianna Agron and her brother Jason:

Trevor - the second elder brother of the four brothers Chloe Moretz - accompanies her on one of the "star parties". When you first look at Trevor, I thought it was Ellen DeDzheners. Stupid, maybe, but there's something.

Brother Eduardo Cruz Penelope Cruz with his ex-girlfriend Eva Longoria:

Jared Leto and his brother Shannon:

Graham Rooney has nothing to do with football, but he is the brother of the player of the English club "Manchester United" Wayne Rooney. Very similar!

Blake Lively, and on the sides of her older sisters, Lori and Robyn. And all hair color shades in reddishness ...

Emma Roberts leads the handle of her younger sister Grace ...

... And Chace Crawford stands in front of the cameras of the paparazzi with his sister Candace:

Chloe Sevigny with his brother Paul:

Drew Barrymore - godmother mother of Kurt Cobain's daughter Frances Bean Cobain, but it is still in the photo was not so, but has already become a famous actress. The picture shows the baby Drew and her half-brother John Blyth Barrymore.

Madonna and her brother Christopher Ciccone has long been in the "trouble" because Christopher published a book of his sister, which has publicly declared that Madonna obsessed with sex and his career, and then-husband, director Guy Ritchie she does not care ...

Looking unites Joaquin Phoenix and his sister Rain:

Leighton Meester very caring sister. It is not only financially helping his sick brother Lex (pictured), who has various health problems, but also the moral support of a loved one.

Kate Moss with his brother Nick. No wonder.

The older sister of Robert Pattinson - Lizzy:

Kirsten Dunst on a walk with his brother Christian:

No less interesting in appearance than the model Agyness Deyn - her sister-blonde Emily Deyn:

Lily Allen with a baby-sister Teddy Rose:


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