Lions close up

In order to make these pictures, the brothers William and Matthew Burrard-Lucas from London used their home-made camera with remote control «BeetleCam», to take pictures of lions in the Masai Mara in the immediate vicinity.

1. Lion eating wildebeest on the plains of the Masai Mara. (Burrard-Lucas / Barcroft Media)

2. This lion was so absorbed in his meal that simply did not notice the camera, allowing the brothers to make these amazing photos. (Burrard-Lucas / Barcroft Media)

3. "Personnel made in the morning, there will always be our most loved ones," - says 28-year-old William. (Burrard-Lucas / Barcroft Media)

4. Last fall, the brothers went to Kenya with their homemade devices. (Burrard-Lucas / Barcroft Media)

5. Equipped with strong wheels, impenetrable coating, HD cameras and remote controls, these devices proved to be an ideal way to capture the lions communication without distracting predators from their everyday life. (Burrard-Lucas / Barcroft Media)

6. Back in 2009, the brothers created their first camera BeettleCam, try it in Tanzania, and then returned to Africa with a more advanced version. (Burrard-Lucas / Barcroft Media)

7. "Last summer I looked at the dusty basement BeetleCam and decided that it was time to get down to work again, - says William. - At this time our "victims" become lions. " (Burrard-Lucas / Barcroft Media)

8. "I started tinkering has two cameras - one with a sturdy frame that can not (I hope) to break the claws of a lion, and the other with more advanced capabilities, including HD video recording, wireless and broadcasting feeder controlled remotely." (Burrard-Lucas / Barcroft Media)

9. "To me rejoined my brother Matt, and we went to the Masai Mara in Kenya, which is home to many lions!» (Burrard-Lucas / Barcroft Media)

10. Camera BeetleCam could "leak" in some pride, including a group of curious cubs. (Burrard-Lucas / Barcroft Media)

11. Cubs immediately surrounded by unfamiliar objects, then turned and carried them into the bush to get a better look. Fortunately, the cubs soon lost interest. (Burrard-Lucas / Barcroft Media)

12. Who do BeetleCam brothers in order for other photographers. (Burrard-Lucas / Barcroft Media)

13. "In the following days we were able to better understand and started more respect lions, which were photographed. We are always careful, because we do not want to stop them. " (Burrard-Lucas / Barcroft Media)

14. "However, we soon realized that the lions - very curious and brave cat. Still, after all this is the main predator in Africa! »(Burrard-Lucas / Barcroft Media)

15. "Two weeks later, our" armored »BeetleCam was scratched and beaten; fasteners began to be loosened, and the body had traces of claws and teeth. " (Burrard-Lucas / Barcroft Media)

16. "However, we are relieved because our trip came to an end, and we have not lost a single camera!» (Burrard-Lucas / Barcroft Media)

17. "Home we came back with a set of photos that exceeded all our expectations." (Burrard-Lucas / Barcroft Media)

18. (Burrard-Lucas / Barcroft Media)

19. (Burrard-Lucas / Barcroft Media)

20. (Burrard-Lucas / Barcroft Media)

21. (Burrard-Lucas / Barcroft Media)

22. (Burrard-Lucas / Barcroft Media)



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