Little Giraffe Finney, a real member of the family

Her name was Finney (Fenne) - is a young a female giraffe, which two years lived on a ranch family McRae, along with its owners - the owner of a small park De Tweede Spruit in South Africa, 59-year-old Colin McRae (Colin McRae), his 52-year-old wife Theon (Theony) and their four children.

"Finney was 3 meters in height and its habits did not differ from puppy" - these days remember McRae family. Giraffe perfectly responded to his name and came immediately, had only to call. And yet Finney gladly wore hats.

Unfortunately, one day Finney in the pasture, located near the house, ate a poisonous herb and died. But family members, looking at pictures of the giraffe, remember, it carefully so as not to slip, went on the tiled floor in the house. As Finney gently bent before the openings of doors, wondering what might hit on them.

As Theon says: - It was a real member of our family. Finney loved being with people and search them very quickly. She could have smelled the people for a few dozen meters. Finney also enjoyed playing with the master's horses and dogs.

In its park De Tweede Spruit Macro arrange rides to tourists and offer safari show. Once, four years ago, their eldest son, 19-year-old Craig (Craig) in the bushes of the park found a small zhirafёnka, which for some reason, immediately after birth, a mother left. The little girl was completely plastered with insects and barely raised her head. The guy immediately rushed to help the cub and called for help from their parents.


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