26 Interesting facts about sex

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1. The average length of a penis - 15 centimeters. However, doctors believe operable all members, without exception - from fifteen to thirty centimeters in size. Yet it's fans and lovers of extreme sports.

2. Today is the huge dick in the world - at the British Jonah Falcon. The size of his phallus is 34.5 centimeters.

3. It is considered that for the enjoyment of the woman in the bed hard enough 13 centimeters male flesh. At the same time, the average depth of the vagina is 8 to 13 centimeters.

4. The penis seems more if he does not look at the top, not from below, namely from the side. Therefore, each boy wrote in the toilet and spying for the other boys, it seems that his fellow member certainly more than he.

5. Some members, small in repose, are many times more when excited.

6. How to measure the circumference of your penis? Take a white thread, winding its member along the barrel, and then measure the resulting length of the school ruler.

7. Knowing the circumference of a member, it is easy to calculate its radius. Recall that the range - a half circle. For example, if the circumference of your penis - 0 cm, the radius is 5.

8. Measuring the length of a member of a school ruler is from the pubic bone to the tip of the head.

9. Circumcision does not affect the size of the penis. The US cut off more than half of newborns. Jews circumcised penis of infants on the eighth day of life, and Muslims - in 13 years.

10. After the cutting head of the penis becomes less sensitive. As a consequence, cut guys are able to hold out longer in sex than their uncircumcised counterparts.

11. Most dildos are produced precisely in truncated form.

12. Doctors say that smoking causes shrinkage of the clitoris or penis. The drying member insignificant - only one centimeter.

13. The increase in member occurs most often at the expense of fatty tissue of the client, which are introduced into the penis. It can be increased by 2-5 centimeters.
14. The male orgasm lasts on average about 6 seconds. Female - 23 seconds.
15. Only one of the unique 400 can suck myself alone.

16. Members with excitation divided into two types. Type the first when excited significantly expands and grows. The second type of undisturbed large, and excitation becomes much greater.

17. If we take the length of one sex, the woman seems to have passed more time.
18. A member of the King of Tonga, to give pleasure to many women, deflowered 37,800 women in the period from 1770 to 1784 - about seven virgins a day.

19. Healthy men look directly relates to the quality of his sperm. Women subconsciously chooses the strongest male for healthy offspring.

20. Cum rich in content of various substances are vitamins, and citric acid and fructose, and askorbinka and cholesterol salts.

21. The only animal which has a bone in the penis - a whale.

22. Most men are concerned about the size of his penis and would like it to be more. No other body does not cause them so much emotion.

23. There is a fun pathology - Athaliah, that is, that a man is born without a member.

24. A member of the mosquito in length - a quarter of a millimeter.

25. The total amount of the male seed contains no more than 5% of tadpoles. And at the male orgasm sperm volume - 1-2 teaspoons.

26. The biggest dick in the world among the animals - have a blue whale - about 4 meters. Ie the size of a two-storey cottage. Impressive?


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