The psychology of sex 10 theories

Agree, it would be nice to know what other people think. But while we are still far from mastering the art of telepathy, so you will have to remain in ignorance. However, modern psychology, thanks to extensive research in the area of sexual behavior of men and women who can help us most accurately resposne or, at least, go some way to understanding the underlying motives and chemical reactions that happen during courtship, ongoing relationship and sex itself.

When it comes to sex, around there're a lot of myths. It is easy to fall victim to the rumors and misconceptions surrounding desire, sexual activity, flirting, preferences of both men and women. To help dispel this misinformation can a huge number of scientific studies in psychology of sex, of course, if you know where to look for them. All information below obtained from doctors, scientists and therapists, which revealed interesting aspects of interpersonal relationships and communication. The world of romance, sex and love are still pretty blurry, but these 10 facts can help to make it a little more clear. And if not, at least, will surprise you.

10. The body speaks louder than words

55% of our communication is not with words and body language. All the gestures, starting with crossed arms and ending with a glance at the phone display, are a sure indication that the person either isn't listening to you or he's not interested, or he wants to avoid conversation. Understanding body language can be of great help in the flirting. Wanting to show sympathy, a woman can stand a man, face to face, touch your hair, smile and make eye contact. The same tokens can serve a man. If these gestures of the body are a man and a woman, then it's safe to say that the sympathy is mutual. A very important tone of the interlocutor. About 38% of your relationship to the person inherent in intonation, whereas the words provide only 7% of the information.

9. Self-organization is not incorporated into DNA

Had the impression that men are more unfaithful. But is it? Studies have shown that women cheat the same, if not more, degree of probability, especially if there is a guarantee that the partner never finds out about this. According to sexologists, cheating more likely to occur because of relationships than because of biological and genetic factors. In other words, not all men are predisposed to cheating, and the same for women. Although the game can join are pushing to change chemical factors, such as the level of testosterone, and the gene responsible for the search of thrills, more the importance still the relationship itself.

8. Simulation

Many people (both men and women) could get an Oscar for his "performance" in bed. Numerous studies have shown that women at least once in their sex life feign an orgasm. Among the men only 25%. The excuse usually lead too fatigue, the desire to protect the feelings of your partner, but the main reason may be the attitude to sex. Some believe that without an orgasm there is no "real" sex. That is, each time both partners must experience orgasm. But if you think about this as a mandatory condition, it is probably increasingly will be confronted with simulation.

7. Sex is power

There are many ways to demonstrate his power. For men and women, sex often becomes an arena where they struggle for power, win and lose. Famous actions and gestures that symbolize dominance, power and control during sex. But here we must be careful: the desire to shock, or even humiliate the partner can lead to dysfunction, particularly if both partners do not get the same satisfaction. Although there is not much data on this issue, it is assumed that the reason lies in the lust for power. But power can be a source of great excitement and satisfaction for both partners, which will allow to diversify their sexual life, if used in the right context.

6. Sex toys

Studies have shown that women who use sex toys have an increased libido, but it allows you to get more pleasure from sex. Contrary to popular belief, men do not have to experience the feeling of inadequacy if their partner to use a toy.

5. Good girls love bad guys

This concept is well known. Its essence lies in the fact that women are often more attracted to a man-a rebel who plays by the rules and are rude to people, especially to women. No matter how annoying the good guys, it's really true – but only under certain circumstances. The conducted research suggests that women are more attracted to the rebels and bullies only during ovulation. During this period, women consistently behave with them more openly, but are only interested in short term relationships. So, in the end, luck is on the side of the good and caring guys.

4. Do you like it?

People are not always selfish. Almost everyone wants his partner to feel satisfied, but this is not a guarantee of success. The man is much more frequently and quickly reaches orgasm during sex than a woman, and such a discrepancy became the subject of debate in the scientific community. Why the woman is not experiencing orgasm? Another, and perhaps more correct question when she can question him? Value has many factors: how many times has she been with this partner, what feelings she feels for him, if she wanted this relationship, is the variety in bed. These data help to dispel the myth that the size of a certain part of the body is the decisive factor, or that the woman just didn't like the man. Although this too can be. However, in most cases, it's much more difficult: 90% of the problems in achieving orgasm are psychological.

3. Sexy fluidnet

The idea of sexual fluidnet is that person in the course of life is prone to change their sexual preferences in terms of who it attracts, with whom he goes to bed and how it defines itself in a sexual context. Women are often credited with great sexual fluidnet, while men are considered to be quite adamant in their preferences. But recent studies have shown that male stereotypes in this area are less defined than previously thought, and differences in sexual fluidnet men and women not so much. For example, more than half of the participants who identified themselves as gays and lesbians, said that they are attracted not only persons of their own sex. A significant percentage of homosexual men and women also noted that they have had sex with someone of the opposite sex in the past year.

2. Look is not bad!

Is it good? Or bad? Whether to leave a trail for the rest of your life? Will turn into a loser in sex? Despite our moral priorities, some studies claim that watching adult movies is not so bad. Moreover, the positive effect exceeds the negative. In terms of social viewing of such videos may lead to recognition of the contemporary differences of the sexes and new values. And this, in turn, can strengthen relationships.

1. After the break

Is there a better way to forget someone than just to find another? For many students it is a good way to soothe a broken heart. For one study, students were asked to keep a diary of their sexual activity within three months after termination. 66% of women had sex during this three-month period, with one third of them did it to take revenge or to withdraw from the breakup. To help bridge the gap, reclaim your self esteem or get revenge on the man who left you – the loss of a partner may be a huge motivating factor for the casual affair.


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