Struggle with heat—8 ways

Lisa Jardine-Wright, a physicist from Cambridge University, argues that the most obvious suggestion is to soak the clothes. In order for the water evaporated, i.e. has changed its state from liquid to gas, heat energy, she explains. This energy comes from your body, cooling the skin, lowering its temperature, the BBC reports.

If you have a fan or a fan, the air flow accelerates the evaporation process, improving your health. "When I cycled in France, the temperature exceeded 40 degrees. And before you go out, I just doused my shirt with water. But it's a pretty extreme option, adds Jardine-Wright. – Evaporation take away heat".

Put your hand in a bucket or basin filled with cold water to cool down, says a Professor of human physiology at the University of Portsmouth Mike Tipton. When the body temperature rises, blood goes to the skin surface. "As soon as the temperature inside the body returns to normal, the blood circulation in the hands slows down, and you feel cool."

If you put the fan in the center of the closed space, it will create air circulation, which sweat in this room will evaporate faster. But it will be much more effective if you put the fan by the open window, says Jardine-Wright, because then it will retract from the street the air which should be cooler.

Eat curry. You may think that a hot dish with curry sauce is a pretty illogical way to reduce the body temperature. But it turns out that spicy food cools, says Tipton. Curry contains capsaicin, a compound found in chili peppers and stimulates sweating. "Anything that helps you sweat and helps to get rid of heat, – adds Tipton. – The more you lose moisture in vapour form, the better you feel".

Dress like Bedouins. It is considered that bright clothing is better to keep cool. But this is not necessarily so. Held in 1980, a study of the Bedouin tribes found no connection between the color of their clothes and body temperature. "The white clothes reflect more light, but the black clothing is the best radiator of heat," says Jardine-Wright. According to her, however, there is an option that has an obvious advantage: loose clothes. About this, what are Bedouins.

Take a warm shower. It seems that cold shower is the quickest way to reduce the temperature of your body. But your body will react to sudden changes in temperature and, consequently, tries to keep warm. "If I go take a cold shower when I'm hot, cold will immediately close the flow of blood to the skin, creating thus a heat trap in my own body, instead of to give heat output," says Tipton. He argues that it is better to use water whose temperature is above 20 degrees.

If the Windows in your home have a sash that opens horizontally, you can very effectively cool your room, open the door at the top and bottom. Thus, the rising warm air will be removed from the room and cool – come into the room through the lower part of the window.

Direct the air flow in the face. If you use a fan or fanning themselves with a fan, make sure air stream is directed straight at your face, says Tipton. "It's more effective, because on the face of a lot of receptors, – he believes. You, of course, is not cooling the whole body, but focused on the face of the cool breeze will give you a feeling of comfort." However, he cautions that it is important to avoid common mistakes – some so vigorously fanning themselves with a fan that warm itself, instead of cooling.


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