Red Heat: interesting facts about the movie

Year: 1988

Country: US

Director: Walter Hill

Genre: action, thriller, comedy, crime

Fees US $ 34,994,648

By 1988, only a lazy Americans did not know that the Soviets are «Perestroyka», that "their president Gorbachev said that the need Glastnost». In short, the Soviet Union, who could live only three years, has been on everyone's lips. It is not needed to show the embittered Russian, as in "Rzmbo-2" or "Rocky 4". It has not had to shoot branchy cranberry as "Letter to Brezhnev" or "Moscow on the Hudson." Walter Hill knew that we needed a different approach, and it shone a movie that, while not bring a lot of money in the US, but immortalized this tape we have in the Soviet Union.

The film also took part Savely Kramarov, Oleg Vidov, Gina Gershon, Peter Boyle.

The most famous role Savely Kramarova in the Soviet cinema - a repeat offender Fyodor Ermakov- "Oblique" in the comedy "Gentlemen of Fortune." In 1974 he became Kramarov Honored Artist of the RSFSR, and in 1981 emigrated to America, where he performed the role of Soviet citizens in the Hollywood blockbuster. In the "red heat" Kramarov played the role of liaison Gregory Mazury.

The actor Oleg Vidov - another immigrant from the Soviet Union, which has found its niche in Hollywood. In domestic films, he often appeared in the form of a noble, handsome. "Red Heat" - the first Hollywood film species, in which he played the Soviet policeman Yuri Ogarkova, mate Ivan Danko-Schwarzenegger.

Soviet pioneering role bunks * otorgovli, Georgian Rostavili, played an American actor Ed O'Ross. Interestingly, O'Ross often plays Russian heroes (Nicholas in the series "Six Feet Under," Leo in the TV series "Curb Your Enthusiasm"). However, the actor, whose real name is - Edward Oross, no Russian roots: his parents - immigrants from Czechoslovakia.

The film was created in 1988, when there has been a warming of relations between the US and the USSR. The leitmotif of the "Red Heat" - "behind the Iron Curtain, too, there is life." This is the first Hollywood movie, one scene which was shot on the Red Square in Moscow.

However, the Moscow scenes were filmed mostly in Prague and, for the most part, in Hungary. The courtyard of the police station was shot in the courtyard of Buda Castle in Budapest. For this reason, most of the "Russians" in these scenes was played by Hungarian actors. The only "Moscow" scenes shot in Moscow - a Schwarzenegger walking on Red Square. This scene has become a legend. The crew for six months tried to get official permission to shoot on the Red Square, but in the end they were denied, and Schwarzenegger together with several people arrived in Moscow to lift a few seconds of the scene hand-held camera, semi-clandestinely. The shooting lasted a total of five minutes, then for three hours Schwarzenegger signed autographs and talked to fans.

James Belushi and Arnold Schwarzenegger had a lot to do to prepare for the filming. While Schwarzenegger wonks Russian, Belushi got acquainted with the work of the Chicago Police. In addition, Walter Hill considered it that Arnold is too big and muscular for the role of the Soviet police officer and forced the actor to lose 10 pounds. James Belushi, by contrast, had to gain weight.

In the post-perestroika Russia picture it was popular mainly because Americans reflect stereotypes about life in the Soviet Union. These views were often ridiculous and absurd. Ivan Danko is a very strange shape in which there are elements at least six different uniforms of Soviet troops, and services. He has an identity with the emblem of the KGB, and being a captain, commanded the whole group ...

To many blunders committed by American writers, he added blunders of the first interpreters of the film. The name itself Red Heat, translated as "Red Heat" in American English has a very different meaning. In American slang word «heat» also means "police", so the Red heat should be translated as "Red cop", "The Soviet police." In addition, «red heat» can mean "red-hot". Later, there were other, more accurate and correct translations of the film, but the name "Red Heat" firmly established for him.

"Red Heat" movie came out, initiation stunt coordinator Benny Dobyns. Dobyns died of a heart attack on the set of the film. It happened when he was preparing the chase scene in Vienna.

Even at the stage of preparation of Walter Hill said that Belushi assigned all the funny scenes, so the actor broke away to the fullest. By the way, due to the constant laughter on the court were rejected enormous amount of film-about two hours takes spoiled.

The episode in the pair starred in "Sanduny baths»

Music in the initial and final credits - a fragment of a cantata for the 20th anniversary of the October Revolution "Philosophy" by Prokofiev.

Six months before the film crew was able to make its permission to access in the heart of the capital of the Soviet Union, but only with a single camera.

The prison scene did not recruit extras and filmed everything in this prison, with these creatures. And every one of 200 (!!!) prisoners received a shot in the film royalties.

When Ivan Danko signed the book at the front desk, in front of it you can see the name and signature of Jim Morrison, leader of the band Doors.

To better get into character, Walter Hill advised Schwarzenegger to emulate the character of Greta Garbo in the film "Ninotchka." He followed the advice.

July 14, 1988 premiere of "Red Heat" took place in California, and on July 17 the film appeared throughout America. Then there were the first run in France, the Philippines, Finland, West Germany, Australia, Sweden ... On the big screen of the USSR is a movie and not horrible.

In the phrase Arnold issued with an accent, you can revise endlessly:

• It Nye lyteyschika hand. Every minute work at the foundry, it used to zhare.

• He sbezhal.

• - Come on. ICE vmeste.

- Pochimu minute svegda Georgians prideraeshchya? Because we takiya prostyya Ludi ... And for this to you we lohkaya such dobicha.

- What will u ordered last schtranoy ?! Just like in schtarie times! We're nothing ... not guilty!

- Kakie your proof ?!

- Co * ainum!

• Dialogue with the supervisor, before leaving the United States:

- Bring Victor home, we should not wash dirty linen in public!

-Doveryay Mne!

• settled in a hotel room includes TV, which at this moment there is a broadcast porn:

- Kapytalyzm.

• Have you ever heard about "Miranda»?

• Bullies (with shaking his head and focus)

• - Where did you learn to speak well in English?

- In the army. Mandatory training.

• - Where did you learn to drive a bus?

- In Kiev.

• The administrator of the hotel:

-Ivan Danko ... Russian?



• - Why do you need an aquarium?

- Well, you know, when I'm tired, I admire fish, and relax. Relaxing. And how relaxed you in Russia?

- In the bitch.

• - Tell me, Captain, if you have such a paradise, why did you, like us, in the nostrils of this shit with n * to * and oinom ainom ?!

- The Chinese have found a solution, immediately after the Revolution: they built all the bunk * otorgovtsev, all bunks * Oman, they brought them to the area and shot in the head.

- No, there is not going to work: damn politicians do not give.

- Shoot them first.

• - We're not American police, so if you continue to drive on the * cat in my country, then one day he woke up in the morning, you will find their eggs in the cup beside the bed.

Ha, I'm a saint, do without eggs.

-Then It will be your eyes!

-Do Not try to intimidate me, my white friend (Elisha removes sunglasses showing his blindness Danko)

• - Vstovay, I love you to death vezu home!

• - What does this key?

- Put me in zhёpu!

• - You do not know from what the key?

- Why do not you ask your friend?

- Try it yourself!

- What is this key opens the cabinet?

• (meeting Victor Danko) - We meet in Istrana Misty yes?

I raider Benya bully,

Do not be fooled my revolver,

I'll better song propyl

About underworld my youth.

I freeze, I put Fryer gop,

Fryer appeared fat bug,

He took the wallet, rings, tinsel,

Will play with than the borax.

He knows and Odessa, and Rostov,

My what happened to the entire catch.

Dear girls, taverns,

A yogurt let hryapayut bulls.


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