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Experiencing a failed romance or being in a protracted search for a suitable partner, we can a certain time to leave from the "great sex". Such breaks are not always experienced painful — save job, friends, or just do not want. However, from a physical location, you can simply wean. How to get back to sex after the break? Versed expert, doctor-sexologist and psychotherapist Eugene Kulgavchuk.

Who abstained?Libido — a natural need of the body, but many say that if a long time not having sex, it does not always make himself known. What happens to the libido during the absence of sex? If health and body very well, and no partner, whether the desire to erode or the abyss at all?

Says the expert: "In sexology known phenomenon Tarhanova Belova. In terms of abstinence at first increases libido, but "burnout" begins to decline. The phenomenon is more pronounced in men, however women often have the same reaction. The transition time depends on the sexual Constitution, which can be defined by the doctor-sexologist.

It must be remembered that sexual activity is ensured not only by hormones. Of great importance and the nervous system and the human psyche. During long pauses sexual function can desactualizadas. In addition, the often observed and detraining. Associative relationships begin to "fade". That is, the body a little forgets how it's done".

The body forgets about the process, and you yourself forget that once could be for someone sexually attractive. A bad breakup, for example, increases self-esteem and subsequent lack of sex creates more doubt how attractive you are, good looks whether your body, after all, the last "evidence" was done so long ago that the memory can not support your self-confidence. In addition, there is the fear of "no time" to do everything necessary or desirable, because much time has already been lost. Since the break in sex, usually have a specific reason, then return it is not always simple. Sometimes decreased libido sexual complicates rehabilitation. Because it is important to monitor their health.

Says the expert: "the Reasons for decreased libido — a huge amount. It's mental, such as, for example, depression, anxiety and other phobic disorders, psychological trauma, the effects of repressive sex education. Somatic, hormonal disorders, diseases of the gynecological sphere.

Summarizing, we can say that any disease, especially pain, can lead to reduced libido. Nature does not allow reproduction of individuals that are in poor physical and mental health, as they potentially will not be able to take care of the newly born generation. Nature chooses the best through the mechanisms of deactualization. Take this as part processes in the Central nervous system and hormonal mechanisms. And it is evolutionary justified. Therefore, we can say that caries through tooth pain can also reduce libido".

Sex or lubowiecki to talk about sex as procreation, the moral commitment to relationships is no less important than just physical attraction. The fear that it was limited to only sex, but goes no further, also delays the period when there is no long sex. After experiencing what you again caused no serious interest, quite painful. When can we say that the pause was tightened, and it is necessary to withdraw ourselves from it by yourself, don't wait, when will come?

Says the expert: "From the moment you started to notice that others around you women do not live as you, that they are more happy. Perhaps the smile on their faces is more common. It is important to have a wide circle of acquaintances, so as not to get lost in his loneliness. Realizing this, it is necessary to take concrete steps. This does not mean that we should jump on the neck of everyone you meet. Just need to start to have quality of life. In this way may well help the doctor-sexologist or therapist. First of all you need to revive the commitment to relationships, including intimate".

Many alarms can cause too high demands on themselves — once the task is set, you must strive to perform and to do it in a short time. However, to break the long absence of sex will not work as you are in your career, — on the scheme and is not distracted by trivia. Here, by contrast, will have much time to listen to yourself, the feelings, and perhaps to take a new pause. Some time may be the previous lack of desire or satisfaction.

Says the expert: "No need to drive and rush. It is important to be able to get a taste. Excessively quick start is fraught with disappointments and "kickbacks." This period is very important because it is associated with high importance. To some extent it can be called sexual rehabilitation. Usually rehabilitation can take weeks, months. Days or years — it is not the most harmonious options."

How to awaken jelenice can also advise those who want to return to sex after a long break?

Says the expert: "All people are different, and recommendations may be different, based on the experience of a woman, her psycho, self-esteem. Before you eat, you need to work up an appetite. Therefore, the first step is the formation of the appetite, the desire to change in your life the usual lonely lifestyle. Nice to have a cheerful friend who will "bring to light". If the activity of others irritates you or scares, don't hesitate to seek professional help. In order to understand themselves, sometimes enough initial reception. Happiness is given to those who follow him."

But too serious, moral approach to return to sex can seriously hurt you. The playfulness, the ability to flirt and to get pleasure from it, create the necessary mood. Woman, "podzabyvat" what sex like man that was a long time in obezbijede condition and learning to walk again. The gradual return of how to behave with men, care and love for your body, appearance and any physical pleasures, be it delicious food or a nice scented bath, return the memory of the sexual attraction and the pleasures of life, including intimate.

Says the expert: "In standalone mode, you can start to try to resurrect in memory the happy moments of your life. I usually recommend to my patients to do it in the period of falling asleep, and the brain may even respond to erotic dreams, of course, raise sexuality. If the breakup was not traumatic, it is possible to reminisce of the former man. And, perhaps, even to call him. Sometimes the beginning of recovery of associations enough to be going to the movies. Some helps to "shake things up" pool.

Do you need some else, for example — a vision of their future in a lonely, useless grandmother with five cats. A good start to regularly watch films showing feelings, love, beautiful erotica. Are good for massage therapy, Spa treatments, regular bath with foam, rubbing into the body a new pleasant aromatic creams and oils. The body must remember the joy of touching. Sometimes even the intimate parts, in a bath or before bed. In each case needs an individual approach."

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