Sex is something that takes less time and is especially troubling

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"Usually the following happens: after a period of mad passion men and women begin to complain of sexual needs each other. Men want more sex and women, respectively, less. The most common causes of failure in sex are lack of time and effort after birth, children and age. In addition, men are keener than women to respond to reduced sexual attractiveness of the partner.

Usually, from sexual frustration more often affects men than women. And those and others give various reasons for refusing sex – the need to devote time to the child, lack of sleep, overwork, emotional distress, traumatic past experiences, situational difficulties (inability to be alone), but whatever the objective reasons, the lack of sex or lack thereof is a source of great frustration, especially for the partner with a high sexual needs. Sex is very important, as the increase and decrease of sexual desire shows how well things are going, the couple in other areas.

All in different attitudes of men and women. The vast majority of men believes that the attraction involves sexual activity. The vast majority of women believes that the purpose of desire is love and emotional intimacy. Perhaps what I am about to say cynical, but not far from the truth: men talk to women in order to sleep with them and women sleep with men to talk. The difference in the world – coupled with the mistaken belief that others think the same as us – leads to difficulties in communication and misunderstandings. Men complain about the reluctance of sex from women, and women in turn, lack of attention and care by men. While they and others worried that their relationship disappears romance. Lovemaking become mechanical, an act that – especially in women – it lost all interest.

Numerous studies have confirmed that in the lives of the vast majority of women have quite long periods of absolute indifference to sex. Many women are too tired or too busy with children to think about the sexual needs. Numerous studies in which women and men were asked to list their classes, showed that while most men always put on the first place of sex, women prefer knitting, gardening, shopping or watching TV. It's like the old joke: "my wife and I split duties: I desire her perfectly, she lustfully go into denial".Typically, men's sexual desire is not only stronger but also more persistent. In women it is cyclical. Many women experience an increased desire for only a few days per month when able to conceive. Closer to ovulation, they begin to fantasize about sex, masturbate more often, initiate sex with a partner, wear provocative outfits and go places where you can get acquainted with a man. Of course, this does not mean that women do not have sex on other days, but from an evolutionary point of view, their interest is greatly increased in the most fertile periods. Men in a state of "combat readiness" remain constant.

In addition to the above differences, the degree of sexual attraction is influenced by other factors – experience, culture and circumstances.

Women's sexual desire differs a variety of forms, and unpredictability. Among women there are even those who, in their conviction, never experienced anything like this and don't understand why this pay so much attention. Some, on the contrary, I think about sex very often, but even they have sexual desire is less pronounced than in men. Moreover, women, years living with one partner, rarely experience gusts of passion. Their desire typically is a response to the appropriate stimulation from the partner. In other words, the desire to appear after sexual excitation. And not Vice versa.

If the couple does not animates their relations, differences in sexual needs and attitudes at the end of the Konov lead to rupture or ties on the side. Peak extramarital Affairs for women is at the end of their reproductive age. Perhaps it appears in their conscious or unconscious desire to change the partner, while they are still able to conceive. As for men, separating feelings and sex, they are much more frequently and regularly have sex on the side. Adultery usually due to boredom and loss of partner physical attractiveness.

Men often confuse the need for love and intimacy with a need for sex. This explains why it's so hard to just be friends with women they find attractive. In their relations there is always a sexual aspect. Besides, the man expects that the woman has for him sexually. This erroneous assumption, coupled with peculiar to women a tendency to flirt can turn into an explosive cocktail. Persevering courtship quickly replaced by sexual aggression and violence. Men underestimate the aversion of women to sexual aggression. Our misconceptions about sexual values of the other sex, partly, explain why in the lives of most women there are moments when their partners or friends behave towards him sexually suggestive and why men often do not show much sympathy for rape victims.

Men are "programmed" to maximize procreation. However, the society restricts this desire, threatening serious consequences for blindly following instincts. As noted actor John Barrymore: "Sex is something that takes less time and is especially troubling". published

Bp книгb Manfred Kets de Vries "Sex, money, happiness and death: in search of themselves" (al'pina pablisher, 2012).

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