He, She, and again She

Sixty nine million seven hundred eighty three thousand fifty

Every love triangle is special. As for the blanket in the style of "patchwork" made of hundreds of patches – if viewed close, the pieces are very different — in color, form, texture, pattern. Dazzled by this diversity and the brain cannot "understand" the complete picture.
And only moving away some distance, I notice the overall design and the details no longer matter. Every psychologist during the work going to such colorful Trapez in large quantity. And only some time later, fingering them in the trunk of remembrance and laying this way and that, collecting all together in one "blanket". The resulting pattern surprised even me...

-Why do men cheat?

-Because they are all males and I think one place.

This is a common belief among the offended ladies. And like all true. Yes, it is not so. Men say male nature can not be undone. But they do not change because of this. Because of this, they are having sex at all. And I think they, like we, head. During the process, Yes. The head is off. And include it impossible. Because where include the brain – shuts down an erection. Not believe? For the sake of experiment, ask your man during the action an intelligent question that requires analysis, you'd know what I'm talking about. But women can. Unlike men, they head works all the time. Though sometimes in a strange way, but certainly not off.

And when we hear stories like "Oh, I ceased to think of his caresses," "Oh, I do not understand how it all happened" is such a Cutesy cover the real situation. The woman is clearly aware of what and how she's doing. Thus, it is not detracting from the process may have to think about several things at once. Such multi-channel information processing. Laid is evolutionary. Sex toys for males – the process is energy-intensive, and all the powers of the body heading is the place to make things happen quickly and successfully. At such moments men are defenseless. Cuts off even the signaling system responsible for security. But females all the time watching the space and adequately perceive, because their main task – preservation. Cat during sex, holds the cat by the mane with his teeth, because he saw a mouse, the cat will rush for it. The female praying mantis eats the male during mating. And he, poor fellow, keeps his job for the benefit, not even trying to escape.

Men of higher mental functions during sexual intercourse are suppressed. And this is the perception, memory, thinking, speech. It is clear now why men are silent in the process? A sort of silent workaholic. And if you're going to hear a male phrase: "I'm Sorry, I don't know what came over me, blotting out some, I do not know how, woke up when it was too late..." -believe me, it is true. Although it does not justify anything. But still – it's not a lie, and not attempt to shield yourself, it is a real description of the feelings.

In General, sex is the transfer of energy goes from male to female. It gives energy, it accumulates. That is why the "after" men fall asleep and women fly and they do. So, when lovely ladies will abandon the portions are fun because of fatigue – remember these lines. Perhaps you will discover almost endless supply of energy. Provided, of course, that sex gives you personally pleasure.

Recently psychologists fashionable cause of male adultery was considered a psychological immaturity. Kind of like a Mature, self-sufficient and whole man one of the woman with a vengeance for everything. He does not need to assert themselves and to prove something to someone, his feelings, thoughts and actions form an integrated system. Such a man will love one and sleep with another, flirt with the third. All will focus on one object exclusively. It seems that way. Yes, wrong again.

If we consider sexual attraction separately, and in men, and in women it is subject to all the same natural functions. Of females is to choose the best male for breeding, the males have to prove to the female that he is the best. Yes, do not fertilize everything, as many people think. Because in nature everyone can not do it. For every female it is necessary still to try. Even in gramophonic group leader constantly has to prove it and to prevent attacks by other males. Moreover, these females are quite prone to change with the migrant males. And quickly move on to new male, if he were to win the leader. Because of this having to prove their own exclusivity right before a sexual act, sexual attraction in males in nature begins before even a female one gets at his disposal. Any female ready to mate, causes an attraction on the level of hormones. This so-called rut males become aggressive, begin to care, to fight, to compete. And if one female chose another – not cease his attempts with the following female. And so it continues as long as all females in the district are not pregnant. But not the fact that a single male generally comes to sex. But the most-covered a lot of females. Is monogamy in animals-but the process of selecting exactly the same a male would prove over and over again that he is the best turns all the females, while one did not answer mutual feeling. To summarize all this in the human species, male sexual desire is not associated with an individual woman. It is due to the presence of its own hormones and is stimulated by the presence of feromagnetic a number of women. Of course, it doesn't sound very good and love as it does not smell. But physiology has not been canceled.

And even if we ignore all this animal nature – after all, psychologists are more humanist-and only consider psychology – and in this case of pure monogamy (I mean a combination of emotional and sexual attraction exclusively on a single object for the whole life) is simply impossible. And this is due to the fact that if it were, the only woman a man could build his relationship was his mother. It would all began and ended. Only polygamy allows a man to leave his mother and wants other women (although in many cases unconsciously selected a woman, like her mother, that in principle tells about the psychological monogamy – the mother is perceived as a sample and sexually)

So what about the integrity of the men in question "love-want" there are nuances. Love it can one woman and wants are generally pointless. Just want. Hormones the rod. Want to know what it is? Somehow shove the house in tights and a banana walk, so about half an hour. Uncomfortable, not for a moment forget that "it's over there", a distraction from all the work. And if the banana and a decent size – it's generally a nightmare. So ladies, it's difficult in a man's world. And as luck would have it, all the information around the field Packed with stimulants — I'm not talking about serotropin dressed lady porn and erotic products. Even so peaceful a phenomenon as is often "stimulates". Is the car semi-Nude model turns after, is juice — naked girl dripping, hardly causing the desire to drink.

One man, upon hearing our discussion, he immediately nodded:

Yes, Yes. Advertising of baby food among other things too!!!

-Baby food-what side?

— Yes, there is big milk Boobs on the whole screen with the baby bargain and sex and the result.

Here is an example of the male view of life.

Looked at the innocent child is the mix – and OPA! – have a banana in my pants has formed and then passed out the logic and speech. The joke, of course, but in each joke only a joke share. And that attraction should be discharged at least in some way, because without going all this leads to a lot of problems – prostatitis, hypertension, tachycardia, not to mention the excess aggression and frustration, leading to depression including. So that's something. And we're noses gates – we say, not such, we are only interested in feelings.

The women also have sexual attraction. But unlike men, that attraction is materialized by the image of the ideal man with whom a woman mentally compares all the men approaching her for "thereby". And if this ideal appeared on the horizon – all the thoughts, feelings, and sexual desires to focus on it. And no one else won't be able to be close, yet not prove their superiority in all respects. But if you have to live with "Nedela", sex for women becomes a burden and less General only in the simultaneous dreaming about the subject of "girlish dreams". Women themselves talk about it. Men in this question honestly – if he doesn't want sex, he pretends that they are engaged. And in principle, can not.

The only difference between men and women in terms of sex can be reduced to one crude but very label male phrase: "Women want Brad pitt, and men Blowjob"

Of course, most men in today's world enter into a relationship immature. And where does this maturity come from? The world is completely matriarchal - from birth to marriage the man accompany the woman, clothed with absolute power – the mother, grandmother, older sister, teacher and a nanny in a kindergarten, a teacher first and all subsequent, headmistress. How can you ripen, when –"impossible to fight, listen to your mom, go do your homework, enough to drive on the street" — and thousands more different impossible, which is directly connected with the ripening process. Well, excuse me, the boy to assert himself among the other "males", if not to fight? How to feel his strength and usefulness, when mom slaps on the ass for the broken vase with a slingshot, and not admires the accuracy? How to feel all his male solvency, for the tenth time rewriting exercise in Russian instead of this coveted football? Yes, dear women, this is how we "kill" the men in the fruits of boys and immature men.

And what is maturity in essence is the predominance of reason over the voice of the body. And where the mind is included – is switched off you know that (read above). Monogamy – the dignity of Mature men? You know, like in this case, it looks the most Mature male fetus? The forty year old virgin-a bachelor, he lived all his life with his mother in the same apartment. Here he is the model of monogamy, integrity, maturity, grown at home. Male to maturity must pass a road – and in society and in personal life. And only at the end of this path he is going to put together and can fully devote one without fear of losing yourself.

And when the young man falls in love – his fiancee is always represented him in this role. Practically idealized and set. "It is not like the others. It Is An Angel. I am ready to serve her life." This woman seems to be the complete opposite of the previous matriarchy. And having decided to connect his life with this one man and not think about cheating, that his only will to tear my hair out after learning about his "betrayals", that their marriage will fall apart because of the "just women" — is still ahead. Moreover such an enthusiastic respect and admiration for the object of his Love (and it is certainly love, men in General seem monogamous) sometimes plays a cruel joke with the man. And this is connected also with the mother.

In our society, sexual attraction to mother strictly tabourets. And if the mother had not been separated from son, building a clear border, for himself, the young man also tabfree sex with the object of their feelings. I think the joke? But experience shows that very often. Men in their sexual dreams with women doing things that were better not to know. But their favorite is never in these fantasies is not involved. According to these same men – "this is unacceptable, I can't stain this dirt, to humiliate, it is above all this". It turns out dream, and desire of one sex, and to put it with the woman you love – you can't. Taboo is so strong that even the thought is unacceptable, not what action.

And sex with beloved is often a ritual – a very long prelude that serves only one purpose – to give pleasure to your goddess, to bring her to a peak, and it is somehow quick and will not stain without dirtying their "charm". And the result – muzzy adoration and intense sex in which she participates more as a recipient of pleasure, the woman and does not think about the fact that the man was in fact constantly unsatisfied. And if the partners fail to reach a level of trust such that the man will be able to share their fantasies, and female participate in it without losing your status, be sure to find the one taboo will be broken. And even the shame and guilt men will arise — after all, he delivers his one from all of these raznostei and vulgarities. Well, maybe sometimes just looking your eyes, he'll be the umpteenth to repeat myself-"never, never I'm not gonna tell you I love her."

There is another option – when the woman from the goddess gradually turns into the "same as everyone". How does it happen? Very simply. "You have to earn more money, go take out the garbage, why do you keep lying, I don't want to meet my demands - remain without sex, I'm tired already of your soccer" -the list is endless, imagination is inexhaustible. And what if I tell you, dear wife? He's a man, he has to. Nothing terrible, but it's exactly the same as matriarchy male childhood. Remember, just above? Mother, grandmother, caregiver...So goddess in "the women". Here is the charm passes, love gradually comes to naught, and when something comes new love and betrayal. It is also explainable by the nature of being in constant competition with the domestic ideal of the wife, who no doubt all of this puts a man feels his loss and ceases to fight for the right to be the best. Wife made a choice not in his favor. The husband goes in search of one that recognizes its "most-most".

So the question " why do men cheat?"the principle is clear – a man satisfies his sexual desire, which in addition to direct sexual discharge includes a desire for the sense of superiority over other men. If it is for some reason not satisfied with one woman-there is another, and third, etc. In this lucid feeling may not occur at all. And can flare up very brightly.published 

Author: Anna Beskorovainaya

Source: www.b17.ru/article/he_she/


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