Mercedes gives preference to rechargeable hybrids

This was announced by the head of the technical Department of Mercedes-Benz Thomas Weber. The demand for electric cars little for a number of reasons including high prices, poorly developed charging infrastructure and incompletion of traction batteries and so on.

As a good alternative to electric many companies now see rechargeable from a household outlet hybrids. "Using hydrocarbon-electric" have already gone through General Motors, Volvo, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mitsubishi, Bentley, Porsche and others. Joining Mercedes-Benz. The company intends to concentrate on hybrids, plug-in type. Mass produce hybrids Mercedes will allow a new scalable architecture MRA that can be used in rear - and all-wheel drive cars of any type, be it sedans, coupes, station wagons or SUVs. This platform, in particular, underpins the new C-Class. Earlier, Weber said that because of MRA this family can be extended four-door coupe.

In the near future Mercedes will release a plug-in hybrid version of the new S-Class and C-Class, and by 2020, rechargeable from the mains of the power plant will get many other cars with three-beam star. By this time the German carmaker expects to reduce the average model range CO2 emissions to 100 g/km.



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