The helicopter in the style of Mercedes-Benz

last European Business Aviation Convention (EBACE) Mercedes-Benz and Eurocopter announced plans to establish a joint helicopter. A year later at the same site announced the car was presented live. In a joint project of Mercedes-Benz, more precisely its design department Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studio in Como, Italy, was given the role of interior designer. In the automotive company extensive experience in creating interior of the car of the highest level, and this experience will be useful in the sky. Shop EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style in addition to first-class finishing materials and boasts original design solutions. Chairs in the helicopter are attached to special rails and the owner himself can configure the interior depending on current needs. On the EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style can comfortably carry 4 to 8 passengers. For example, if you want to take a lot of sports equipment on a trip, you can remove some seats. If you want to transfer a large company to a destination - on the contrary, increase the number of seats. The new helicopter is not the first retreat of Mercedes-Benz beyond the automotive industry. The iconic German brand at various times engaged in furniture, industrial design, and all sorts of accessories.


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