Mercedes-Benz breaks in the air

Mercedes-Benz in Geneva presented Spetsizdanie helicopter Eurocopter EC145. German carmaker this time made in an unusual role - as an interior decorator. And it is up to the task, judging by the rave reviews coped admirably. Design of interior decoration of the helicopter unit was engaged in Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studio in Como, Italy. Luxury interior EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style equipped comfortable armchairs made of exclusive materials, floor and ceiling are covered with expensive interior wood. This was the only helicopter in its class, capable of accommodating up to eight passengers. For larger capacity and comfort, it was used a modular approach similar to that used in a new R-crossover class. All seats are fixed on rails and can be easily moved or removed altogether to make room for luggage. The EC145 Mercedes-Benz, you can safely take large loads such as golf bags and bikes (again, in the design of the Mercedes). In addition, the cabin has a table, a refrigerator, coasters for cups and 15-inch TV with DVD-player.


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