Kenya. Masai Mara.

Kenya. Masai Mara. Two proud lioness brought to walk their pups. Under the gaze of adults Cubs happy to knead his little legs, occasionally trying to ride "hare" on the back of my mother.
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1. Lion mother for a walk. Cubs walking on the road under the watchful eye of adult lionesses in the Kenyan Masai Mara.

2. Lion cubs are old enough to start exploring your house. They are so curious!

3. Photographer David Lazar, depicting the lion walk, says one of the young - the small and weak - never left my mother a single step, while his brothers and sisters safely explore the area. And some even tried to ride "for free"!

4. Masai Mara - a large nature reserve in south-western Kenya, named after the Masai tribe, which lives in the region.

5. The reserve area - 1500 square kilometers It is home to 500 lions in more than 20 Pride.

6. "We must learn to be patient until the animals get used to the presence of vehicles with tourists - says the photographer. - But that patience is worth it, because as soon as the animals forget about your presence, they begin to behave naturally, and you can witness the amazing scenes from the world of nature. "



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