As a young man Masai become men? (10 photos)

Boys Masai tribe in Tanzania held the ceremony of initiation into manhood, which is held every 15 years. About a thousand young men arrive in a special camp; the ceremony will be attended by 600 elders.

Soldiers conduct daily dances and chants; their attractiveness to women is determined by how high they jump and graceful. In the evening slaughtered bull; Elders give each young man a piece of raw meat; a great honor - the first to drink the blood of the animal. The youths also receive a free ring, made of the skins of the bull, which symbolizes resistance of this group of soldiers.

At this time, the soldiers can not sleep, and they are awake, telling stories about his exploits. After this ritual, men can marry and have children. They can also be upotreblint alcoholic beverages; This drink is made from the roots of aloe and honey.

Boys Maasai must go through many trials: they tear out teeth, pierced ears, tattoos and circumcision do. Commencement address tribal chief, after which the Maasai men are returning home.


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