10 horrific attacks that everyone forgot

On top of famous people and politicians at all times goes hunting - some of all attempts to forget - we will remind you about them.


1. Mahatma Gandhi.


Gandhi received worldwide fame after helping India gain independence peacefully, but unfortunately, he died not peacefully. January 30, 1948 it was attacked members of the extremist organization "Hindu Mahasabha", before it was made five such attempts. In Gandhi was shot three times during the evening prayer, and he died on the spot. The funeral procession was attended by two million people. The killer, Nathuram Godse and his accomplice were arrested, convicted and executed for the murder.

2. Ronald Reagan.


March 30, 1981 in Washington, DC hotel near John Hinckley shot President Reagan and three of his followers. Reagan was punctured lung and opened heavy internal bleeding, but he was given emergency medical care and he quickly recovered. Within 12 days he was able to leave the hospital. Hinckley, who was found mentally ill, was admitted to a psychiatric hospital. He claimed that he did it to get attention Jodie Foster, star of the film "Taxi DriverĀ».

3. Benazir Bhutto.


Bhutto was a strong-willed woman who managed to take the post of Prime Minister of Pakistan. Her program was aimed at reforming the corrupt and violent government. December 27, 2007 Bhutto left the rally, where she talked with his supporters. That's when it was shot out of the crowd and immediately behind it exploded near two powerful explosive devices. During the blast killed Bhutto and another 139 people. According to investigators, the murder was involved in Al-Qaeda, and the president-dictator Pervez Musharraf knew in advance of the assassination attempt and told the police. He is now in exile in England.

4. Pope John Paul II


Seven weeks later after the assassination attempt on Reagan, Pope John Paul drove past the huge crowd in the square of St. Paul, when he fired three shots Mehmet Ali Agca. One of the bullets hit the Pope in the stomach, seriously wounding him. He was rushed to hospital, where for five hours doctors fought for his life. While conspiracy theorists believed Agca mercenary KGB, he announced that he acted under the order of the Vatican City. Agca was convicted, was taken into custody and later released to serve his sentence for the murder in Turkey.

5. Theodore Roosevelt.


Oct. 14, 1912 ex-President Roosevelt was preparing to give a speech at a rally in Milwaukee, when John Shrenk shot him in the chest. The wound would be fatal if not earlier Roosevelt pocketed 50-page manuscript of his speech. Gravely wounded, Roosevelt, impressed everyone by insisting that he will deliver his first speech, and then go to the hospital. After Shrenk said that the specter of President McKinley had ordered him to shoot Roosevelt, he was found insane and placed in institutions to life imprisonment.

6. George HW Bush


In April 1993, 14 people were detained for trying to smuggle explosives into Kyuveyt to assassinate former President George HW Bush, which at that moment was in the country. When the FBI came to the conclusion that at the head of this conspiracy was Saddam Hussein, and the assassins were agents of the Iraqi Intelligence Service, President Clinton ordered a missile and bomb shelling of the headquarters of the Iraqi secret police.

7. Anwar Sadat.


October 6, 1981 Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and the group of dignitaries took the annual military parade in Cairo. At the end of the ceremony, one of the participating in the parade of military trucks suddenly stopped, and the soldiers began to shoot at the podium of the machines. As Sadat got 37 bullets and he died shortly thereafter. Another seven people were killed. Although all the terrorists belonged to a radical Egyptian Muslim organization, Sadat's nephew, Talaat al-Sadat, later claimed that the attack was planned in the course of an international conspiracy with the participation of the US and Israel.

8. George W. Bush


Was Bush the purpose of the events of 9 September? Then Bush was at the resort Longboat Key, Florida. At a time when Bush is preparing for a morning jog, witnesses reported that they saw a van with people of eastern appearance, who said they were going to interview the President in an informal setting. No interview was not planned, so the van in the area do not miss. Though intelligence denies the story, the newspaper, which first reported the incident, the Longboat Observer, insists on the veracity of these facts.

9. Andrew Jackson.


The first attempt to assassinate the President of the United States was made in 1835, when the unemployed Richard Lawrence fired two pistols at Andrew Jackson near the White House. Both the gun misfired, possibly because of the wet weather. Lawrence Jackson brutally beat his stick before other men, including Davy Crockett, were able to separate them. Lawrence admitted unbalanced and sent to a psychiatric hospital.

10. Bill Clinton.


In 1996, President Clinton was at an economic conference in Manila. At that moment, when Clinton went to a meeting with Philippine politicians, intelligence services intercepted a suspicious radio message containing the word "marriage." Sometimes the word is used by terrorists as a code word for murder. Clinton motorcade sent by siding. The decision was correct because later American spies discovered an explosive device under a bridge on which was supposed to pass a limousine Clinton. Later, the US government announced that during this attempt was none other than Osama bin Laden.
All of these events are now - a source for a variety of diplomas, essays and reports on the subject of history. Any bank essays readily provide an opportunity to download the essay or thesis about the life and death of a historical figure, a famous politician and military leader. Well, all of these people have left their mark in history, and posterity can only follow their example, or learn from their mistakes.

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