Why did the Soviet ice cream was the best in the world

Favourite treats began more than five thousand years ago.
Even in ancient Rome, Emperor Nero allowed himself so cold and sweet dessert.
Today, there is a national standard - GOST ice cream milk-cream sundae. "Gostovskaya ice cream, so is milk-based».
So what's the charm of the Soviet ice cream, why they all admired?

In fact, of course, we all remember the ice cream one. Previously, because of another ice-cream but butter, milk, ice cream we had. Pronounced milky flavor - that's what distinguishes the Soviet ice cream.

Butter, cream, fruit and berry, waffle cups with cream-colored roses, popsicle, horn with chocolate icing ... Here it is - the era of ice cream! Its as legends. Yet the secret of the unique taste?

1. We owe this to GOST 117-41, in which you and a favorite delicacy of Soviet children. He was considered one of the toughest in the world and has been introduced March 12, 1941 in the domestic "shade" was not a single preservative, only natural milk! And all kinds of ice cream were produced on a single technology. Therefore, the taste of dessert in any city of the Union was the same!
Initially, the Soviet authorities ice cream did not indulge his attention and called the product of the bourgeois taste. What could not discredit him in the eyes of the proletarian public. Over time, the government's attitude to the dairy delicacy "thawed", and after the war it began to promote in every possible way.

2. The Soviet price:
Ice cream with "The Swan" (13 kopecks), dairy (9 kopecks), fruit (7 kopecks), chocolate "popsicle" small (11 kopecks), large (22 kopecks), "Leningrad" chocolate (28 kopecks), in a waffle cup butter with cream rosettes (28 kopecks), and ice-cream cake with cream.

3. For the first time in the ice cream industry rails set in the 30s. The Decree of the USSR People's Commissar of food Anastas Mikoyan, who insisted that the cream should be mass produced food and at affordable prices. According to the People's Commissar, a Soviet citizen should eat for a year at least five kilos of ice cream! Fueled by the fact that the United States has long held the palm in this matter. In America produced 600 thousand tons of ice cream, while in the Soviet Union - only 8. It was decided to change the situation radically, and Mikoyan went to the United States - for the purchase of necessary equipment. Already 4 November 1937 in the USSR was issued the first Soviet treat. Then he opened the cold storage facilities in Moscow, Leningrad, Kharkov. In 1940, a powerful ice cream factory earned in Kiev.

4. We must pay tribute to the quality of products. Each batch of snow goodies evaluated on a 100-point system. Any deviation from the taste, color or smell considered marriage. In addition, while the ice cream is limited to one week. (Now the ice cream can be stored for about six months!) So in terms of production and consumption of ice cream Soviet Union ranks second in the world after the United States. Exports are annually sent 2 tonnes. Abroad, the Soviet ice-cream are prestigious class. It was served only in expensive restaurants by far "soviet" price.


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