Unusual and exotic varieties of ice cream from all over the world!

"Ice cream - frozen, normally a sweet dessert product. Delicacy, which is a lot of lёdoobraznuyu used more for fun than for food. " Such a definition of the word "cream" Wikipedia tells us. But we all know that our world is fine as far as it is rich in diversity. After the mass around us all the ordinary things we have never seen, much less, never tried. So let's move away from the stereotype of the "standard" ice cream and learn a little about the exotic. Few of us is, how many different kinds of it exist, except, of course, are known to everyone since childhood.

Fried ice cream

Corn cream

Corn cob cooked simmered in milk and cream, which incorporate the unique taste of corn. Ice unusual, but, according to tried, it's a miracle people - the taste is simply amazing!

Garlic ice cream

One of the most exotic dishes. To cook using pre-frozen garlic puree. When cooking in the melted sauce boil add cream and milk, mixed with battered egg yolk and sugar, the resulting mixture is frozen. Is it possible, but dare to do it, I think not everyone ...

Onion cream

This ice cream is a mystery to many. Most do not even believe in its existence, but it really is! Before preparing a bow withdrawn bitterness and peculiar smell by passaging. Further, the blender is sent eggs, milk, cream, sugar and vanilla. They say that the onion ice cream get a very fragrant and tasty.

Golden cream

Gold ice cream - the most expensive in the world one portion can cost $ 1,000! It served only the most elite restaurants of the largest cities in the United States. In a glass of delicious ice cream are put layers of gold foil with a thickness less than a human hair, rare fruits and berries. Kushan dish with gold foil, which is so thin that any harm to the body is not harmful. I think this ice cream to try no one will refuse.

Ice cream with pepper

Another type of unusual ice cream. It consists of heavy cream, egg yolks, sugar and freshly ground pepper mixture. During freezing, the ice cream was stirred constantly to distribute uniformly pepper. Such love ice cream, even children!

Ginger ice cream

Prepare the ginger ice cream cake. Pickled ginger whipped in a blender with the sugar and mixed with cream, poured into molds and freeze. It looks very appetizing dish, but the taste of it, yet specific enough.

Ice cream with green tea

People who have tried the ice cream with green tea, argue that it is great! There are many recipes of ice cream, but they all differ in caloric its constituent products. Main components - green tea, water and beaten egg whites.

Ice cream with bacon

Army fans bacon and huge for them ice cream expert David Lebowitz (Devid Lebovitz) decided to prove that not only fit the bacon for breakfast. He created a new variety of ice cream on the basis of glazed bacon! In appearance it turns very appetizing, but this dish has won its considerable popularity.

Carrot ice cream with curry

The carrot cream composition include cream, milk, coconut milk, egg yolks, carrots, sugar and spices. It looks pretty tempting, and try it out, if you have the opportunity, definitely worth it.

Potato cream

Food company "Aunt Besci" trying to breathe new life into the fate of the ice cream, replacing it with the basic components of the various alternatives. The company has released a new type of ice cream - potato horn. It consists of mashed potatoes, sausage, gravy and green peas. Now the ice cream can be used not only for dessert.

Ice cream with Viagra

That is something that has been lacking in the world! This ice cream flavored with Viagra!

Ice fish

The process of making ice cream from fish is quite complicated and there are some difficulties. The fish contains a large amount of water that freeze becomes hard as stone, but Sato (first fish ice cream maker) solved this problem by soaking the fish alcohol. To destroy a strong fishy smell fish soaked in milk, egg liqueur, whiskey, brandy, other types of alcoholic beverages, then add nuts, almonds and chocolate.

Ice cream with charcoal

Ice cream with a dark charcoal gray and, apparently, it is one of the cheapest. It is difficult to assume that it is the taste. I myself would not dare try it, but would love to see the reaction of others.

Ice cream with black sesame

Ice cream of Japanese black sesame impression of his deep black, in spite of that, the dish is completely edible.

Ice octopus

In order to fight off the smell in the manufacture of ice cream octopus, it has to be for eight hours to boil in black tea. What happens as a result of this the taste - it is difficult to imagine. Who would be in addition to the Japanese was able to eat it?

Ice cream of shrimp

This jar brave eater, reshivshemusya taste of its contents, it may encounter frozen shrimp entirely.

Ice cream with wasabi

Lovers of spicy food should appreciate it. Wasabi is not only a great addition to raw fish, but also, as it turns out, is a good ingredient for ice cream.

Ice cream of chicken wings

Nagoya is famous for its poultry. The Japanese would not be considered by the Japanese, if the city does not appear chicken ice cream. The taste of this dish is to present fairly easy - chicken wings in the sauce instead of the usual ice cream.

Ice Cream eel

The eel is a delicacy in Japan, it is not surprising that the Japanese decided to use it as a main component for ice cream. Many believe that the soft unlike anything that the taste is acceptable to the dish could still be called ice cream.

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