There are kinds of ice cream flavored with wasabi, lobster, horseradish and bovine tongue

We are all accustomed to the fact that ice cream is creamy, fruity and chocolate. But in fact, it can be anything! The most exotic kinds of ice cream from different countries:

Spicy sorbet beet soup with cucumber and shrimp. Name of the dish - "vampire", and after its invention belongs to the company "Rosa Mexicanos" - one of the most unusual in the world of ice cream producers. The stalls of the famous Venezuelan "frozen" network Headier Coromoto can try ice cream with taste of smoked trout, tuna and squid with onions. By the way, is rumored to be a complete catalog of products the company has more than a thousand different varieties of ice cream.

Ice cream flavored with horseradish and bacon is described as a unique double: the creators of the dessert tastes just horseradish ice cream seemed unusual enough.

Just a few restaurants of New England offers lobster ice cream. However, as some joke in New England in general all tastes like lobster, so there is nothing surprising.

Corn ice cream can be enjoyed in the restaurant Ā«Sundaes and ConesĀ» on the 10th Street East in New York City. To imagine what it is, think about a very sweet corn, mixed with milk, sugar and creamy ice cream. The same restaurant serves wasabi ice cream.

Garlic ice cream can be enjoyed every year at the Garlic Festival in America. By the way, he did not have to pay: the ice cream is distributed free of charge.

The French company "South Pole" ventured a desperate step: it offers its customers a taste of ice cream with foie gras. Actually, foie gras - a fatty liver pate specially fattened geese. It is usually eaten with toast and - those who own it allows the liver - with butter. However, the "South Pole" in general inventive company: on their site on the Internet can also find ice cream flavored with olives, marinated mushrooms and Roquefort cheese.

Ice cream flavored horse meat tartare: probably not much that consumers quivered with disgust, on the packaging, raw horse meat instead of live shows, high-spirited horse.

Ice cream with a taste of bovine tongue. This ice cream has a crazy success not only for gourmets, but also for ordinary students and housewives, who claim that the taste of the ice cream is gentle and pleasant. Where can this be? Of course, in Japan.




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