10 kinds of ice cream with the most unusual taste

Ice cream flavored rattlesnake

Ice Cream "Pit Viper" (rattlesnake), has a truly unbeatable taste.

Ice cream with a taste of horsemeat

This delicacy of Japanese cuisine is called "Basashi", it really added to the raw pieces of horse meat.

Ice cream flavored bovine tongue

Different cultures have different ideas about what a bovine tongue. In China, for example, bovine tongue - a spicy batter, rolled and baked in the form of language. In North America, this is actually a bull (or cow) language. Looking at the picture on the packaging of ice cream, it can be assumed that the second option is closer to the truth.

Ice cream with garlic

Favorite delicacy of Japanese vampire hunters. This unique ice cream was invented, it must be Italian Vanity Helsingin, a relative of the famous Van Helsing. Whatever it was, you can smell the garlic ice cream for three quarters, so if anyone wants to try it, just trust your nose. By the way, it can serve as an excellent dessert for dinner traditional pasta in garlic sauce.

Ice cream with a taste of Indian curry

Ice cream flavored charcoal

This ice cream has two advantages: eating portion etogolakomstva can be quite worried about the poisoning, and with the ice cream you will never run out of fuel.

Ice cream flavored squid innards

This ice cream is one of the most exquisite Japanese delicacies. Secret unusual flavor is added in cream tiny slices squid intestine, so that they can be chewed for a long time to achieve maximum pleasure.

Ice cream flavored tuna

The ingredients are simple: chopped raw tuna and milk

Ice cream flavored with wasabi

It is hard to imagine anything more refreshing in the hot afternoon than a serving of this wonderful island of ice cream.

Ice cream with collagen and lemon flavor

Collagen - a protein that is part of the cells of our body. It is used in the cosmetic industry for the recovery of skin aging. From 25 to 30 percent of the protein contained in the body of mammals is collagen. It's hard to decide - there is ice cream or put on the face to look younger. Q also in how this ice cream manufacturers have solved the problem of coagulation by mixing lemon juice with milk and collagen.

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