10 Commandments of the parents entered the gas chamber with the children

The first time it happened, when Janusz decided not to emigrate to Palestine before the occupation of Poland, in order not to leave the "House of Orphans" to fend for themselves on the eve of the terrible events.
The second time - when he refused to escape from the Warsaw Ghetto.
And the third - when all the inhabitants of the "House of orphans" had climbed into the wagon train to the camp to Korczak SS officer approached and asked:
- That you wrote "King Matt"? I read this book as a child. A good book. You can be free.
- And the children?
- Children go. But you can leave the car.
- You are mistaken. I can not. Not all people - scoundrels.
A few days later, in the concentration camp Treblinka, Korczak, together with their children, he went to the gas chamber. On the way to death, Korczak was holding the two youngest children, and telling a story to unsuspecting kids.
In principle, many know nothing about Korczak. And read the 10 Commandments, recommended this amazing person to raise children:
1. Do not expect that your child will be as you or the same as you want. Help him to become not you, as a.
2. Do not ask the child payment for all that you did for him. You gave him life as he can repay you? He will give life to another, one - third, and this is an irreversible law thanks.
3. Do not vent their grievances on the child, so that old age does not have the bitter bread. For what you sow, so shall arise.
4. Do not take it down problems. Life is given to each of the forces, and be sure - it is hard, it is no less than you do, and perhaps more, since he had no experience.
5. Do not disgrace!
6. Do not forget that the most important meeting of man - his meeting with the children. Pay more attention to them - we can never know whom we meet in the child.
7. Do not torture yourself, if you can not do something for your child, just remember: not enough is done to the child, if not done everything possible.
8. The child - it's not a tyrant, who takes possession of your whole life, not just the fruit of the flesh and blood. This is a precious cup, which gave you the life of the deposit and its development in the creative fire. It liberated the love of mother and father, who would not grow "our", "their" child, but the soul, given to storage.
9. Know how to love someone else's child. Never do a stranger that would not want to do your.
10. Love your child anything - untalented, unsuccessful, adults. Communicating with them - Rejoice, because the child - it is a holiday, which is still with you.

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