Spirit knows better than us what our happiness

Quite often it happens that we as a people do not know what our happiness. Spirit knows - but we do not always hear his voice. And so we begin to follow some desires and aspirations, which not only do not bring happiness, but aggravate us extra weight and distance from God. We may think that the implementation of our desire to improve our lives - and we are starting to spend energy to ensure that the desire to become a reality. This waste of energy depletes us, and to what does not. And most importantly - we are no longer sufficient strength to make some better choices for themselves.

When this happens to us, let us ask ourselves: the implementation of that desire and the associated changes in life requires our ego, our human nature - or the voice of our spirit? If we follow the true voice of the Spirit, the Spirit and our human essence will come to unity. There will not be this distinction between "rights" and "Spirit" within us. We will be holistic, one being what God intended us.

And yet - let's just imagine our human folly, if we make mistakes and unnecessary follow our desires. Let us remember that the Spirit is still seen more than us. Spirit is outside of time and space, so it obvious all the possible consequences of our actions - the consequences of which we are not visible from the moment of the present in which we dwell. And the Spirit sees the future! That is why it is so important to be able to trust in the Spirit, and the time to give up those twists of fate that we have set ourselves, but that is not supported by the Spirit. Listen to the voice of his divine "I", not too svoevolnichat, to be able to become neutral as to stand aside and look at yourself and what is happening objective view - here, perhaps, and all you need to do.

And please remember: those doors, which brings us to the Spirit, open easily. Do not attempt to open new doors for ourselves force - a non-spiritual way. On the spiritual path, the road in front of you spreads like itself.

I know how many people would now like to change your destiny. But - do not rush things. Look for clues Spirit. If there are no clues, if the doors are not open, and the changes are not carried out, as if by themselves - then the time has not yet come, then you are not quite ready for these changes. But something changed when the changes are not ready - it's like trying to carry a child for nine months is not, as expected, but much faster. You understand: it is simply impossible. For all the processes of nature has its own pace. You also have your own pace, your own speed with which you pass certain stages of its development. Just trust the Spirit and to be patient. The changes will take place, when they will have to happen. When the Spirit is strongly require you to action - you just can not help but to hear and ignore these requirements.

And yet - how to accept the truth of the events that happen to you now, and the place where you are now - this is the best that life can give you at this point in time.
And if you even think you're at an impasse, your development is not going anywhere, and you do not know where to go - it is not. In fact, changes occur constantly, just until the time they go secretly, quietly. Be aware that changes in your life are already preparing, maturing - and it will certainly change for the better. Be blessed in your way!

Practice. Learn how to make the best choice

1. Exercise Affirmations to help find the most favorable way of life

Go to the mirror, look into the eyes of her reflection and say aloud:

 - I am the eternal immortal Spirit, acting in the world in human form. I like a man asking a higher divine guidance my immortal Spirit in charge all the way and guide me in the name of my highest good. I ask my Divine Spirit to guide me now is the most favorable way for me.
 - I ask God, my angelic mentors and assistants to help me make the best choice in all situations that require my decision.
 - I put myself under the leadership and guidance of the Spirit, but I know that the responsibility for my actions rests with me. I am pleased to accept this responsibility, and I use this right of free choice, to live, to act, to make decisions and to achieve planned objectives in the name of the Spirit of my highest good and the highest good of all.
 - I enlightens and cleanses my human "I" Light and Love of My Divine Spiritual "I" in order to become one with the Spirit, and create a happy present and future for ourselves and for all mankind.

Exercise 2: Tweaking the voice of the Spirit

This meditative exercise will help you be more sensitive to tune in to the Spirit and understand there is already overdue changes in your life, and if ripe, which ones and what it needs to do.

At any time convenient for you take a free, calm and relaxed posture, close your eyes. Breathe normally at first, then gradually slow down breathing, until it becomes so slow and quiet as possible for you. Imagine that all thoughts fly away from you - something like flies with dandelion fluff. Then imagine that you are standing in an open space, stretching from horizon to horizon - in the field or meadow, or in any other environment you enjoy the scenery. The main thing that it was a flat place and fro in all directions to the horizon, so that your eyes have not seen any, even the slightest, of obstacles. Imagine that the different sides of the road you go, all of which disappear over the horizon. How many of these roads - decide for yourself: the number must match the number of the changes that you would like to implement in their lives. But let them be not too much to begin with - no more than four, but otherwise this exercise may take a long time and take you a lot of energy.

You can plan in advance the number of road marking them according to the most important areas of your life needs to change, for example, personal life, professional work, creativity, and so on. D. Think about what exactly the changes you would have dreamed in each of the these areas. Let every such dream represents one of the stretches of roads around you.

So, you - at a crossroads, but it is not know which way to go in the first place, and is it true you have set your goals on each road. Imagine that your back is an angel. This is a great luminous golden-white light being, growth is much higher than you. Angel puts his hands on your shoulders and you feel completely safe. You are very comfortable, you feel the flow of energy of Love and Light, directed at you.

Turn to any of your planned roads. As you can clearly imagine what goals you want to achieve by going down this road, about any changes dream. Mentally refer to the angel with the question whether this is your dream desires and needs of the Spirit and whether, in terms of the Spirit, you go down this road. If you have a feeling that the angel gently and lovingly encourages you to bless this way, or even takes you by the hand to gently lead the way on this - then your choice is correct. Then just let your imagination: perhaps there in front of you a picture, as you go on the chosen path, and you found it. So you can even get tips, what and how you do, and what you should expect from your dream realized.

If you have a feeling that you do not want to move but want to remain in place under the protection of an angel, then the time for the realization of this dream has not yet come, or that dream does not correspond to the goals and objectives of your Spirit. In that case, turn to another road and do all the same thing at first.

After completing this exercise to the end, you will feel confident in what you need is a change. In this case, be prepared that the Spirit will begin to push you to the changes in the real life. Remember that the Spirit only brings you to the right door, and you have to open them yourself. So do not expect that the Spirit will do everything for you, getting tips from him - act!

If you have a feeling that the angel blessed you go on any of your planned road - take it for granted and do not grumble at fate. So, for your own good, it is important to remain as long as there is. Perhaps the change will mature when you fully accept the situation in which are, and ground and, consequently, gave rise to transform its energy.

© From the book: Tamara Schmidt. "Kryon. 11 tasks to let a light. "


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