Princess Suri Cruise

Since its inception a little Suri Cruise came under the eye lenses. The farther, the more fun it was to watch her. Katie and Tom are so unusual they see themselves, how to look and dress a little girl, that it is impossible not to be surprised - in its four years of Suri dressed more in the style of thirty years! However, watch it at least curious.

Little Suri procession through Manhattan with a glass of "Starbucks" is more like a business one of the heroines of "Sex with the City", rather than on the child. Hmm, and that she had in the cup?

Kathy brings carefully dressed in exquisite coat-jacket daughter of a massive family "Escalade". Princess - Royal trucks!

Baby learns from childhood hiding from the paparazzi. In these huge dragonfly glasses Suri looks almost older than his mother!

Metal handbag and high heels ... a picture speaks for itself, does not it? It's definitely not for the four-year baby!

Stylish trench coat, pink umbrella and ballet flats - young fashionista protects your outfit and jumping in puddles, and gently it moves. Of course, it is a great joy for my mother, but ... where are you, carefree childhood?

Classic output for the evening - a bright dress, red lipstick ... but this is not a classic junior kindergartners, is not it?

And here is the shopping! Wow something to relieve stress, right?

Flew on a private party to private helicopter Suri does not look too happy. Hey, it's a VIP, do not you understand?

Little looks charming and stylish in her red-and-pink ensemble. But not too much coffee for her age?

Still, it is not child's play alien! Even painted nails do not spoil the impression.

Suri does not go unnoticed on the streets: pictures of everything!

How nice to get into the director's chair and ordered the Pope, "Let's go home, let's play!ยป

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